December 07, 2018

Monotheism without Borders: A Brief Description

In the toughest security atmosphere in Iran, Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders, promote Monotheism (Tawhid) that is it does not have any boundaries to religion and faith. He established the Doctrine of Monotheism (Tawhid) without borders in order to avoid regional, racial, ethnic, religious, and reputability boundaries which disturb and obscure thoughts and minds about God. This tireless hero has started a revolution based on the beliefs of Monotheism. Although it is called Monotheism (Tawhid), it does not mean that it dates back to Tawhid systems that have been in the hands of mankind for tens of thousands of years. Its name is Tawhid, and if he was able to choose another name, he would say that he is looking for ultimate energy. Of course, he has repeatedly said that “I am not sensitive about names.”
 “Doctrine of Monotheism without Borders” that Boroujerdi has founded, indicates that we do not tend to engage with any religion including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Baha'is, and other religions, and accordingly, we do not obey any religion and we do not have any religious prejudice. Boroujerdi is announcing this as he used to be a Marjaa (literally meaning "source to imitate/follow" or "religious reference") in Islam and he is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. However, his studies, scientific researches and explorations clarified everything for him, and he realized that there is no real God in any of the religions. That is why he chose the name "without borders" because there is no border for us, borders of prejudice, border of affiliation, family borders, paternal boarders, or ancestral borders.
Boroujerdi believes that a global cultural, intellectual, mental, and rational revolution is needed. What we have inherited from the past has been dominated by some fundamental defects. The Greek, Indian, and Islamic philosophers came and provided some idle talk. The religions came to blend the words of revelation with the capacity of contemporary audiences, and then, as it is said in Tehrani vernacular, it resulted in something “exotic”, which was useless and could not lead the human community.
Nowaday, humanity hungers for better lives, and this demand is still remained unanswered in today's world. Well, consider the west as an example that they have achieved high level of social relationships in comparison to other parts of the world because there is less deceit, harassment, thievery or abusive behaviors among them. This is just one aspect, but is it what consciousness is all about?  What does consciousness mean? The meaning of conscience is to find mankind’s good and evil sides. In western society, for instance, they often tell us that there is not much affection and kindness between relatives. We also see it in western movies where families can easily fall apart or the relationship between husbands and wives turns into an unfilled, superficial connection; the man has his own girlfriend while the woman has her own boyfriend. Therefore, the family does not possess the foundation that is love, affection, sacrifice, uniformity, and peace. Furthermore, there is discrimination, poverty and plight in these countries as well.  Indeed, it is the same everywhere.
We have repeatedly heard in the news that there are demonstrations against unemployment, poverty, and discrimination in Israel. The Christian countries, even the Vatican itself, have social boundaries, and cannot say any words.
All the Sharia abiding people claim that Islam has provided all the needs and demands of the Muslims, and now, as you can see, there is an Islamic society. If the messages of the Qur'an are translated into this society, would people be abused in any era during one thousand and four hundred years? Would people be oppressed? Was there any oppression? Islamic countries nowadays are either wealthy or poor. If they are wealthy, their people are poor, and money is spent elsewhere. Then they claim that we are Muslim, and they write “There is no God but Allah” on their flag, we are astonished! Which "Allah" has empowered the authorities to spend nation's assets on their exterritorial objectives?  If the country is poor, other Islamic countries will not come to their aid. When an Islamic country has a lot of wealth, it should be its duty to help them, but unfortunately, they do not feel obliged to do so.  For them, being “Muslim” is nothing but a slogan!
In such circumstances, what should we do? Boroujerdi is looking for a basic fundamental revolution and transformation to happen in the world; so we have to break the structure of Tawhid (Monotheism) because religions are the most ancient disciplines that bear a bond to God. They embraced humanity from the spiritual channel of the world, but the warmth of their hug was not the same among all the religions.
Boroujerdi presented “Monotheism without Borders” to the religious centers of the world so that all believers may know that the mental block had to come down. The walls of understanding God, the concrete walls that were created during tens of thousands of years from Adam to Muhammad. Unfortunately, they don’t accept it because their religious perspective and beliefs do not allow their eyes to see the truths of God! What is known under the names of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are something different from the truth of Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses because over time, the religions of those great prophets have been pierced by innovations, comments, records, and so on. In other words, the passage of time showed the defects of their religion.
Now, even if we say that it’s not true and that Islam is still as popular like it was 1400 years ago. Do these words measure the right scale weight or do the statistics, calculations, and figures tell us something else?
A few “Brave and noble people of different faiths” are necessary to help and collaborate with Boroujerdi, so that hand in hand the world can be rebuilt. First, we have to destroy this structure, which has remained on planet earth for tens of thousands of years. The destruction depends on this; we accept that we are oppressed, and the oppressed are neither religious or nonbelievers. We are impious and that is why we ruined what we had. We thought that this was not any good for us. This was not helping us, and that there was an inconsistency between the historical records and the religious texts. The next step is building it! For the time being, we cannot do anything about building, we are alone.

From theoretical dimensions, when everything is destroyed in the minds of mankind including false beliefs about the principle of conscience, human identity, and divine religions. When these three are destroyed;
the feeling of thirst for knowing the answer of these questions becomes prominent.  This longing will strike us, and we will start asking ourselves: what should we build now instead of this ancient time-worn collapsing building that we destroyed? After all, we need a place to live as a shelter. We need rooms, buildings, and residences so we build it.
Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Border is asking all the followers of religions to unite and move toward a real theology by eliminating the borders of Monotheism and religious limitations. We preach Monotheism without borders so that we do not have a boundary named religion, country, ritual, and Sharia. It means that the viewpoint of religious promoters and missionaries throughout all these years are done with; God will not be introduced based on a human diagnosis, God would be seen via free thought and Extended Theory, and we seek help from the sources of Prophets and Imams and governance of the jurist, and also heavenly books in order to compensate.
Now, at this critical moment, Boroujerdi is entering a new field that is for a major human need, we need a God whose subsets are conscience, authenticity, friendship, devotion, truth, and integrity. What we mean by Tawhid is what is missing nowadays in the west, in the east, in developed countries, and in developing countries. Therefore, he recommends that you study his program, notes, theory thesis and publications. You should know that this is Tawhid - something beyond what humanity has ever seen. It is abstract of all those, but more refined; something that makes humans evolve.
In conclusion, we recall Boroujerdi's request again “only a few brave and noble people of different faiths are necessary to collaborate, so that hand in hand the world can be rebuilt.”

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