December 09, 2018

Are Human Rights Appealable by such Conventions and Protocols?

Memories and Screeds of Mr. Boroujerdi on Human Rights Day,10 December 2018:
Following the first and second jail period during 1990’s and 2001, I became arrested and imprisoned again in 2006. I was not expecting that under the rule of a religious state, a religious promoter become repressed, the man who is away from politics and political propaganda and has no any political challenge with the rulers.
Actually after my second jail in 2001, I was just gathering the poor, suffered and deprived people to sympathize with them and retrieve them morally, psychologically and emotionally.
 I was inviting the ones who were suffering from economic, political, social and belief issues people to participate in monthly assemblies to share our condolence and concerns.
These assemblies grown up gradually to the extent that although those were not political meetings, the Iranian regime could not tolerate. Due to the crowds of people participating in such meetings, they were suspecting that such unique assemblies probably should be led from abroad with a special target.
During the last assembly on 29 June 2006 which was held in Keshvari stadium, the biggest indoor stadium in Iran located in Mirdamad boulevard as, the population of participants was so big to the extent that the entire stadium plus the surrounding streets and from Ketabi to Kazemi squares were full of people. Even the local residents were thinking likely a high level authority should have a speech there.
After that event, the Iranian intelligence and security forces strongly attacked to suppress us on 30 July 2006. However, my followers and many of people got informed and came to my residence area to support me. Actually my house was located in Enghelab square at the center of Tehran, so the followers could make a quick action to gather and resist to the extent that general Talaei, the chief of Tehran police was forced to come and directly interfere for controlling the situation. He was trying to arrest and bring me to the Evin prison, but the people were hardly preventing. The police agents were transferring me from one car to another, but the people were breaking the cars and tearing the tires. As this happened for three times, general Talaei called the government authorities, so they asked him to stop the operation.
Thereafter, they blocked all of the surrounding area to put us under siege and force us to give up. This situation prolonged to more than seventy days during which many of young followers and friends were coming there to act as guards for controlling the streets and the alley around my house. Even they were sleeping and eating in the street.
During this period, I was continuously interviewing with the international medias and human rights authorities, so that my house was converted to a basement, or a team house according to the regime, to oppose the religious state of Iran. Therefore, they could not tolerate and they attacked us again with more security forces on 7 October 2006, night time. Before the attack, General Talaei and General Sajedi Nia, came to my house and requested me to convince the people to go and in return they swore to push their forces and agents back.
It is necessary to mention that the whole streets and areas around the Enghelab square were full of the Basij militia plus revolutionary guards and security forces. In addition, since that was the month of Ramadhan, one of the regimes dependents named Mansour Arazi had asked the prayers in Arg mosque “to stop praying, and instead attack to Boroujerdi who is a pagan”!
Anyway, the chief of security forces deceived us and I asked all of the followers to leave, because I never wanted any damage to them, although they were ready to become killed for their beliefs. 
When most of people left and about 1000 of them remained the regime forces betrayed and began to attack and beat the rest of my followers by batons and shot the people by tearing gases and bullets. So some became killed and the rest including me got injured and arrested. Finally, they transferred us to Evin prison.
Now after 12 years, the question is why this events have happened? If it was the time of Shah, the last king prior to revolution, and we would organize such prayer ceremonies in that time to collect the poor and deprived people to sympathize and to share our condolence with them, would he interfere? Even probably he would provide us space for prayers with financial and Media support.
That is why I say the religious dictatorship is the worst tyrannical regime, because they attacked us so harshly to the extent that even my granddaughter with six-month age was beaten and my old mother was tortured and killed. I was also tortured for six months during which no one had any news about my situation. My physical tortures were so hard to the extent that currently I am suffering from the consequent effects. My feet are paralyzed, and because of suffering from brain disease, I have no control on my hands and my legs which are continuously vibrating. I am blind after being tortured in prison for 11 years.
Many of political prisoners were being released few months after their arrest, but I was kept in jail because of continuation of my campaign from inside the prison and due to the statements I was publishing not only against the intelligence agents or revolutionary guards, but more importantly for criticizing the religious dictatorship.
The ones who are sitting abroad claiming to be the defenders of human rights, have shown that practically they never advocate the oppressed people. Instead, they have tried to silence and restrict us and boycotted my representatives abroad. As a result, I am currently detested of politics, the political approach which the opposition of the Iranian regime are following. The dirty politics in which the high level of this opposition have committed to block me in collaboration with the dictatorship regime. So I am totally unmotivated and although I am in house arrest, I never want to interfere in politics. I never want to get power or participate in any government, I just want to pass the last days of my life under this imposed siege.
 Boroujerdi on Human Rights Day,10 December 2018
  Iran_ Tehran, Under House Arrest

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