June 10, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi is being denied access to independent lawyers

Human Rights Activists in Iran

The authorities of Yazd central prison deny Mr. Boroujerdi the right to visit his lawyers in that manner, also concerning reports about his condition are continuing too.

On Saturday Jun 3, 2009 Dr. Giti Pourfazel the deputy chairman of Human Rights Commission, Tehran Bar Association went to Yazd central prison along with Mr. Boroujerdi’s family to get formal letter of attorney of Mr. Boroujerdi in order to consider and follow up his case judicially and also to see and consider the grave condition of this prisoner clergy closely, but unfortunately in spite of her negotiations with the authorities of the prison and while she had been waiting for hours she was not allowed to visit.

Also according to the reports received from Yazd central prison; the officials of the prison with the assistance of Dr. Vali Zare (the director of the clinic of Yazd central prison) have taken action to inject some unknown medicines into his body two times during two last weeks as according to the statements of his relatives these injections have destroying functions on mind and nerve.

Also reports say this ideological prisoner has been put in different pressures again to have interview with governmental media.


miriyam said...

i convict this act and hope realise him.

souaan said...

it is extermity of injustice.

sarah said...

according to the constitutional law of Iran each prisoner has right access to his selected lawyer and Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a prisoner and must enjoy this right too.