June 29, 2009

A criticism against the inattention of the government to the votes of nation

According to the statistics announced by the government; about 14 million people voted against Ahmadinejad because of their belief in his national and popular inefficiency and their candidate called him liar, traitor, dictator and guileful formally and in the live program on TV that all Iranian people and most of the viewers in the world watched it. Also other two candidates gained one million votes that indicated their supporters’ believe in incompetence of Ahmadinejad to presidency too, and there were 500 thousand void votes that surely contained revilement, swear words and curse on the government moreover 20 percents of those had the qualifications for voting didn’t attend in the election and showed their disgust at the basis of the dictator regime in this way.

These statistics and numbers contain more than 20 million people in all over the country that protested against this election and it is a huge number, then why don’t they (government authorities) allow this huge number to march and demonstration and show their protest? How can we call it religious democracy while the authorities of the government suppress and threaten Iranian protesters who want their demands and rights? Why do they dread their shouts and voices and call them seditionist and rascal?
Note that this election has taken place in a society and situation that there was no freedom and no observation and control of society representatives and those are trustworthy in people’s view, as we saw that the chairman of guardian council, Jannati, showed a certain and overt stance in that Friday prayer held at the time of presidential election and supported and confirmed Ahmadinejad openly! So there is no freedom and open referendum. Of course we should take the renewal presidency of Ahmadinejad as a good omen, because the continuance of suppression and despotism will cause the acceleration of the decline of the present regime as if he came instead of Khatami, we would not live in this swamp of the Islamic Republic and plundered people would be released of this situation and oppressed country of this bondage much sooner, because the report of his 4-year-administration is so bad that if he came in Khatami time and instead of him the Islamic Republic would fall at the beginning of his administration and we would be release of it.

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Anonymous said...

4 years ago,Ayatollah Boroujerdi said that Iranian people tierd of political religion and want to retrun to ancestors religion.today we saw it.