June 11, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on World Day Against Child Labor

On the occasion of this international event, I would like first to clarify about the meaning of work and the current situation of child labor.
It is possible to call any type of engagement or movement as a work. So the human is actually a worker even when he is busy at house or when is working for his landlord, and more usual when he is working in a company, in a system or in a factory for his employer.

It is good for human being to be involved in any form of such working instead of being jobless. Because unemployment is the root cause of degradation and corruption, which is currently one of the biggest global challenges. However, it is very important that people have an appropriate job rather to be engaged in crimes or wrongdoings. Nevertheless, the shortage of proper job results in such human faults while they strive to do something as an engagement.
Children are substantially immature and with no intellectual maturity. Since the wisdom assists humans to choose between good and evil during the life, it is the best tool to save mankind from dangers and serious challenges.
While discussing about child and work, it has both good and bad meanings.
Considering the title of child labor, one can say it is good if a child could do something, but this work must have no interaction with his main responsibility and should have no danger to his health. But when we speak about child labor, it refers to child exploitation, the cases where improper jobs are imposed to children under eighteen years of age and caused them to leave their main task which is education or often tends to their physical illnesses due to intolerable pressures or sometimes mental diseases originated from the work environment as a result of rape or sexual harassment. Because the children are basically immature and their wisdom is still limited.
Since child labor is an oppression against the children, this oppression is basically the result of injustice. The lack of justice results in thousands of crimes, one of which is children exploitation, a kind of child abuse. Since justice is a subset of religion, so injustice is due to its absence.
There is a phrase saying that “do not oppress”; this phrase, which is attributed to God by religions, has become a rule to follow. But it is observed that there is oppression in the world and God is an oppressor as well. For example, referring to Islamic holy book of Quran, it is written that “God taught the human being what he did not know”, so it is concluded that human should learnt oppression from his creator; or it is written that “God inspired human beings with knowledge of evil and piety”, means he has taught the mankind to do evil, and also it is written that “surely the human soul incites him to evil”, it means the foundation of mankind is based on badness.
So in conclusion, the oppression is caused by the religion.
In order to analyze the cause of these problems, I want to prove that those are related to both religion and politics. If the real religion was existing, if the justice, humanity, fairness, honor, mercy and generosity were dominant, the situation would be different. So if one asks why those values are not dominant, the answer is because all of the religions and faiths are actually manmade. Those religions are just limited to our earth planet and what they have attributed to the Lord of existence, have been just claims. That is why their defects are obvious within the holy books, religious contexts and Sharia laws. 
In addition, the religions are not the only responsible for these miseries; rather the politics have been the source of such unforgiveable and big crimes. The politics ruling the entire world has made the current situation in which a kid is being fooled and exploited.
If the global politics was oriented to serve the nations, the enormous resources, which are more available in some, lands than others, would be exploited to develop the mankind civilization. If the politics in general meant to serve the mankind, the leaders of the countries with superior economy would sat together in the place where they have called United Nations, to find a solution for these oppressed children. The kids who have nothing to eat, the ones who must work for survival of their families as a result of which they become depressed, old and weak during their first or second decade of their life, or the other children who are more unfortunately employed in distribution of drugs, serving for terrorism or suicide bomb attacks, due to unfair system ruling the world. It is the politicians and rulers who are responsible for all of these corruptions, because all of them are actually liars.
Primarily it is necessary to review the lifestyle of each politician who is claiming to defend the rights of poor and deprived people; if he has even more clothes than his need, he is a liar, let alone if he has too much properties.
All of oppressions against the children in contemporary era, is because of the fact that the politics has been served for looting of nations and that the politicians have been busy in ways to promote their parties, to develop opposition group or to suppress their opponents and to get rid of their competitors. What else the system ruling the world have done for children? They never provide any correct and accurate statistics showing how many hungry, disable and captivated children both boys and girls are living throughout the world, because it will discredit the global politics.
There are many girls in different regions of the world below the age of ten years who are being exploited for sexual purposes even some are forced by their families to do so. The reason is poverty which is actually a consequent of oppression. Religion and politics have oppressed the people, since they have worked together like the two blades of a scissors.
If the religion was telling the reality, the religious people would have assisted each other. For example, regarding the Zakat al-Fitr, a charity which is paid at the end of fasting month of Ramadhan, it is necessary to note that if all religious people and fasting prayers had paid this charity, there wouldn’t have been any poor inside the country. So if the question is where such revenues have been spent, the answer will be just in building new palaces for religious and political authorities. They have increased their power and wealth, while the medium class have become poor and the poor people have become more miserable. But the task of the ones who are responsible for distributing such charities is to pay such revenues to poor people who are in need of food assistance. Even some religious laws are clarifying that this money should be paid to all miserable people regardless of their religion and beliefs. As a Persian poem says “Human beings are members of a whole, in creation of one essence and soul”, so it is advised to help all poor people even if they have no beliefs, because basically they are human beings with feeling and mind.
In conclusion, if we want to help the children who are being abused as child labors, we have to modify the root and to find the solution for the origin of this catastrophe, which is certainly the essence of both religion and politics.

God Bless You
Boroujerdi, Founder of monotheism without Borders

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