November 12, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Science could be defined in terms of what human beings have learnt and what the mankind have reserved to grow and move towards the future and to overcome current challenges and problems. Although the science, as its incomplete form has been served the mankind, but it has not been so efficient as claimed so far. There are a lot of examples to prove the failure of current science, which for instance have been abused even in development of crimes.

From a general view, the failure of science can be observed in its utilization for development of armaments, weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapon storage. Basically, production of bombs, missiles and nuclear weapons, all are based on science.
From an individual view, science could not serve the mankind efficiently. Even by reading the biography of scientists and their personal life, it is observed that they also could not utilize their science to overcome their personal issues.
In general, science could not serve the mankind individually or altogether. Because science has been always incomplete, so as much as the human beings have attempted to develop the science, the human requirements and demands are likewise evolved and surpassed the scientific solutions, so that the mankind needs is still more than all technical, industrial and professional discoveries.
If it is supposed that the science has to serve the peace, then firstly the rulers should demonstrate that. Because they are ruling by use of politics, a superior branch of science which help them to lead the society and control the people by using power. Definitely, it is a special science and no all people are able to become leader, king, governor or powerful. However, instead of serving their compatriots and fellowman, these authorities have abused the science to exploit the nations. Nowadays the stronger intelligence services and knowledge-based tools for collection of information have been presented, all of which are used by rulers to keep the people under control. Despite the main demands of people are to enjoy their rights for practicing freedom of speech, press and thought in addition to exploiting their national wealth and resources, the existing powers are utilizing the most updated spy and anti-spy systems to suppress the nations.   
If the science would serve the peace, the United Nations had to act based on realities, not to become controlled by special government or superpowers. The main role of UN could be development of human rights based on social science including communication, convergence and peaceful dialogues between nations, advertising, philanthropist services and so on, which are never fulfilled yet. Rather, the role of science is currently to serve the global powers; same as the role of wisdom which is abused by special people to enslave the human beings.
Boroujerdi, founder of Monotheism without Borders
House Arrest, Tehran, Iran
10 November 2019

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