December 11, 2019

Boroujerdi’s Message on International Human Rights Day

The word of “Human Rights Day” is basically a negotiable term since there should not be just a single day specified for human rights. Actually, human right is not a daily matter rather it is the matter of even each second of human life. It means the rights which have been deserved by our creator for every human being must be respected by everyone. Every individual has to respect his and others rights while his rights should be regarded by other people from each level even the rulers. Saving the rights of citizens should be the highest priority for all rulers and governors.

However, unfortunately the term of “human rights” is converted to “rights to commit the evil”. It means there are evil behaviors including crimes, wars, looting national wealth and so on all done under the name of human rights!
Nowadays the mankind is oppressed everywhere throughout the world and his rights have been violated by rulers, who are controlling the human wealth and resources. Although they are pretending to be the representatives of people and are exploiting their wealth, they just take care of their own interests. That is the reason why the majority of people in the world are poor, sick, suffered and enslaved.
Primarily it is essential that the ones, who have the power; respect the human rights since usually the elder and powerful should take care of smaller and weaker people. It is impossible that the weak and low-level people reversely take care of the upper class, because they are always dominated and have no power or resource to commit that.
In general, everybody is responsible to respect the human rights, but this is violated throughout the history. It is shown from the early days of historical records that the mankind has been always suffered from oppression, discrimination, violations and plunder.
We wish this frustrating and critical system will be demolished soon.
Boroujerdi, House Arrest,
Tehran, 10 December 2019

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