January 09, 2020

The Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, “Founder of Monotheism without Borders” to the Head of Different Countries Participating in the UN General Assembly, Newyork, 2019

Respected president of assembly
Your majesties, presidents and leaders of world countries,
Usually the aim of assembling the leaders of countries despite of being planned to achieve their goals, is unknown and hidden for public. However, it is evident and the nations take to their account that the leaders probably have come together “to serve their fellow humans” and “to defend human rights”. Definitely, every leader from each country talks about his own country and the speeches are often including political views and positions.

The citizens expect that during these assemblies with such gratitude and vastness, someone may speak about the problem of usual citizens and folks; or somebody may discuss about the miseries of collapsed nations and fallen societies throughout the globe. It is also important to talk about the majority of nations who are suffering from poverty, illnesses, distress and helplessness.
After being disappointed from religion and politics during our movement and campaign for long years, we are currently looking forward a peace maker and reformer to lead us towards our ideal destination. There are many others claiming to be a savior, but the history has proved all of those claims have been fake and they have failed.
Based on conscience and humanity, since you are the political authorities of all countries throughout the globe, you are responsible to help your people. Definitely, there are poor and deprived people living in all countries even inside the developed ones; you may find a solution for children who are growing in families suffering from disease, poverty, social corruptions and family dispute.
You have gathered to settle the important global issues, but you know very well that it is necessary to begin with the subsidiary matters prior to settle the main problems. That subsidiary issues are related to families, deprived and common people; the ones who are humble, but tired of all political and religious slogans and are hopeless in their lives.
It is not so late! You the authorities and leaders from world countries can still help the human beings who are seeking reformers and saviors. Please listen to the people crying because of hunger, unemployment, addiction, divorce, conflicts and insecurity throughout the globe. Please find a way to save the mankind. You are holding these positions and chairs temporarily; you are successors of previous presidents and leaders and many other will take these positions soon after you. But the records of history will show whether you served the poor and deprived people or not.
We hope the world will be saved from sorrows and problems as a result of your great attempts.
God bless you
House arrest, Tehran, Iran
September 2019

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