February 23, 2020

Gastric Cancer: The Aftermath of Eleven Years Jail and Torture of Mr. Boroujerdi

According to recent news from Iran, Mr. Boroujerdi, the founder of Monotheism without borders, has been hospitalized on 20 February 2020 and went through some clinical trials. After several tests including endoscopy, the specialist doctor recognized that Mr. Boroujerdi has suffered from chronic gastric cancer which is originated from his jail period before 2017.
Yet, he requires more diagnostic tests, medical examinations and treatment.
Mr. Boroujerdi is a famous political prisoner who had been jailed and tortured for more than a decade in different Iranian prisons while he was continuously deprived of medicines and medical treatment or furlough. Despite of temporary release in January 2017 and being under house arrest, he has still suffered from several diseases and side-effects originated from his jail period. Although for a short time he was trying to become hospitalized and treated, but he failed due to harassments and threats committed by the regime agents including threatening the doctors and hospital staff, arresting the people who wanted to voluntarily assist or introduce professional doctors and also being monitored by armed agents and intelligence service as a result of which he preferred to stop his medical treatment. Nevertheless, during this short period, it was revealed that he had some suspected disease at his stomach which unfortunately was not treated. It seems one of the reasons why Mr. Boroujerdi was temporarily released in January 2017 despite of the fact that Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader personally ordered his jail to be continued until he formally repents and apologizes, is that the regime’s authorities were so confident that he would not be alive due to progressive gastric cancer.
Hence, due to recent deteriorating of his physical conditions, Mr. Boroujerdi had to refer to doctor after which it was diagnosed that he has suffered from severe anemia, iron deficiency anemia, proteinuria and based on the results of endoscopy, sampling and biopsy, it was revealed later that he is suffering from gastric cancer.
The entire medical files and documents in addition to results of medical diagnostic tests have been archived by Dr. Sadeghi, one of the well-known specialists of stomach and digestive system, who is currently working in his own clinic.

The representatives of Boroujerdi, the "Founder of Monotheism without Borders"

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