July 22, 2020

Arrest and Torture of Boroujerdi's Supporters

We hereby inform all the media, that a number of Mr. Boroujerdi's students and supporters have recently been persecuted, summoned and targeted by the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence. This new wave of hostility launched by the regime is because he has presented new solid evidence showing the lack of identity and inefficiency of the religions that rule the world. During the years that Mr. Boroujerdi was under house arrest, he has always proved the lack of foundation and bases of such religious thoughts by providing extensive religious, scientific and intellectual research.
Therefore, up to this date, a large number of believers and supporters of his path and thoughts have been persecuted and sent to "Al-Mahdi" Corps in Zanjan and the office in charge of follow-ups at the Ministry of Intelligence, located at: Niayesh Highway, after the Enghelab Sports Complex, next to Ouj Media Institute, the office in charge of follow-ups, where they  have been transferred and subjected to mental and physical torture.
Detainees under pressure were asked to write that he had had sexual or immoral relations with his female supporters. It goes without saying that the purpose of these actions is the character assassination of Mr. Boroujerdi and to conceal or cover up his unprecedented movement that actually extracts religious flaws from the heart of the religion itself. This has taken place while Mr. Boroujerdi has not had an office, or held a teaching session since many years, and has always been in a state of forced isolation and constantly monitored and persecuted by the forces of the regime, and has been living under house arrest. Also, during the eleven years of his imprisonment without leave and any medical attention, accompanied by the absence of having access to a lawyer, all the physical and mental strength of this good teacher were destroyed, and eventually his broken and destroyed body was thrown out of the prison.
Presently, the general state of some of the detainees in the current situation of the Corona virus is not favorable, hence we call on the freedom-loving community of the world to carry the cry of oppression coming from this far-sighted leader, to all the reputable media in the world.

Representative of BoroujerdiFounder of Monotheism without Borders

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