October 22, 2008

The execution of exile sentence for 3 number of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers

Masoud Samavatiyan, Ali Reza Montazer-Saheb, Habib Quvati, the 3 accused of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's file, were taken to Special Court of Clergy from Evin prison without previous warning on 21 Oct 2008 .the recalling has been done in order to execute the "imprisonment in exile" sentence about them.
According to the words of their families; at 2 p.m all these people were taken by governmental factors in order to transmission to airport from special court of clergy, but as yet, there is no information about their situation.These people have been affected by various physical and psychological complications during imprisonment and had asked for seek treatment for several times, but today they have faced to execution of exile sentence which this matter has made their families concerned and worried .


Unknown said...

this is result of politic religion.

Unknown said...

the only reason for arrested Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his followers is defence of separation of religion and government. is it a guilt?