October 04, 2008

Another machination for annihilating Ayatollah Boroujerdi
Execution of exile sentence for Ayatollah Boroujerdi and 8 numbers of his followers

22 Sep 2008
In spit of extensive efforts of Human Rights Institutes and organizations and issuing continuous declarations by Human Rights activists and international campaign of Human Rights and international Amnesty contain that Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his followers are opinion prisoners and must be released immediately, judicial officials of Republic Islamic of Iran have not attended to these declarations and have not done any actions about releasing them and have decided to exile them to other cities where their sentences must be performed, although these people had protested against their issued sentences but their protest had been accepted but relative officials had promised to keep them in Tehran and give them leave after spending a short time of conviction period. Unfortunately Iran judicial officials like last times broke promise .noting that rejection of cooperation with them from Ayatollah Boroujerdi, in performing of faked confessions scenario and also his insisting on his opinions and revealing of international agencies changed this interview to a trial against mullah regime and finally led to discrediting of velayat-faqih regime ,so there is the fear that government decides to kill Ayatollah and his followers during transferring to place of exile .the rumor containing killing the leader of anti political religion and his followers has been increased during last days by oral threats of judicial officials and officials of this file.
It must be said ; Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a liberal clergyman who expresses demands of ten million Iranian are opposed to religious regime , he is asking for stopping sentences including :stoning ,execution and amputation and also is asking for an open referendum with attendance of international representatives .
It is two years that he is in prison under severest tortures and now is sentenced to imprisonment in Yazd prison for 10 years, while Mr.Hesam Firoozi, his physician, reported that remaining in prison is so dangerous for him. Mullah regime of Iran follows project of quiet execution for him by transferring him to Yazd prison.
It is necessary to say; this shamelessly deed will be acted coincident with attendance of Iran president Mr. Ahmadinejad in common association of united nations organization in New York and coincident with the period that primary rights of human and also opinion freedom are violated in Iran.

The names of followers who are sentenced to imprisonment in exile and period of sentences:
1. Masoud Samavatiyan 47-year-old, 2nd accused, B.S in literature, married and has two children, sentenced to imprisonment in Khoramabad prison for 5 years.
2. Alireza Montazer-Saheb 37-year-old, 3rd accused, married and has one child, sentenced to imprisonment in Kermanshah imprisonment for 4 years.
3. Habin Quvati 30-year-old, 5th accused, accountant, married, sentenced to imprisonment in Hamedan for 4 years.
4. Majid Alasti 35-year-old, 7th accused, engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Zanjan for 4 years.
5. Mehrdad Souri 36-year-old, 8th accused, electrical engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
6. Mohammadreza Sadeghi 36-year-old, 9th accused, eliminated manager of a government office, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
7. Hasan Harischiyan 35-year-old, 10th accused, married and has one child, engineer, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years.
8. Ali Arbabi, 11th accused, sentenced to imprisonment in Tehran for 2 years
Two other accused of file that have been called but has not been taken to prison yet:
1. Ali Shahrabi-Farahani 33-year-old, 4th accused, married and has one child, sentenced to imprisonment in Qazvin for 4 years.
2. Ahmad Karimiyan 39-year-old, 6th accused, chemical injured in war period, eliminated teacher of university, sentenced to imprisonment in Semnan for 4 years.
We hope that Human Rights Institutes and organizations continue their effective supports from these opinion prisoners like before, in addition to condemn these illegal actions.

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