October 02, 2008

The complaint of prisoner leader

Salutation to great and honorable nations of the world, greeting to peaceful sirs and chiefs who ask for justice.
In despite of false extensive advertising of Iran government , the people of this part of the world are in financial and credit pressures although Iran is the owner of the biggest natural sources and has the most oil income, but its people are the most miserable and poor nation in this age. Today; depression, want, shelter less , distress and prostration are the problems of poor Iranians ,that it is 30 years these problems are administrated by the name of religious government.
In this country, despite of the slogan of its government, there is no independence, no individual freedoms, republicanism can't be found and no religion and no spirituality have remained. the government has tortured and oppressed to the society so much that spiritual bigotry and divinity zeal have been disappeared and violated .suffocation, terror, torture, kidnapping, confiscating, discrimination by the name of religion have caused that people be disappointed from God invitation and the people who 30 years ago fulfilled religious commitments, now have become indifferent and unconcerned in respect of theism affairs.
So, via this open rostrum, I express the complaint of the oppressed people who are deprived from their rights, to you , the honorable authorities of countries in the world,
Human Rights defenders, help us
President of Russia, how do you support religious government of Iran while its authorities oppress and kill these poor and innocent people?
It is obvious for every one that extensive Russia and china supports on Iran have caused to increase interior dictatorship of Iran.
President of china, you must reply to contemporary history because of these assistances and taking these unjust positions that lead to increase rudeness of Islamic regime of Iran and its pressures on poor people.
Sirs, who attend in meeting of irresponsible officials in Tehran, do you know that you hold the anti-human laws of Iran government in respect with your action and make them bolder to annihilate the people of this country?
Chief of security assembly of United Nations, help us for human conscience, I ask you from an appalling prison, what's the crime of the nation that doesn't want to accept a murderous and manslayer religion?
As a religious prisoner leader who has been under tortured chains of unreligious government of Iran for along time, I ask all liberals in all over the world to send representatives till be informed from interior affairs of Iran society.
Human Rights defenders, I sweat by your nature that we are human but we are behaved even downer than animal.
Missionaries in the world, here, God is being defamed by distorting the monotheism
Great Pope, help us to guard divining credits and spiritual sacred
Scientists of Jews, reflex our complaint because we are sharing in worship of God with all of religions
Religious centers of Islam , authorities of Alazhar society , authorities of Darolfatva( a place where religious statements are issued )of Saudi Arabia , lets help Islam because political Islam has annihilated the fact of Quran and its prophet .
Governments, who are in side of religious regime of Iran, be informed that all of you are sharing in massacre of our poor people. I have expressed ultimatum while I'm sick and near to death.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 25 sep 2008

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