October 04, 2008

Asking all Human Rights societies and organizations in all over The world for immediate help

With the best regards
According to the news about Ayatollah seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, the protested and opposed to velayat-faqih clergyman,that has been released during last days on different sites such as the site of Human Rights activists in Iran; he has been transferred from prison to the special court of clergy without informing and has faced to some regime officials that called themselves physician . these people called him mad because of expression of his opinions such as:rejection sentences like execution, flogging, stoning and amputation,protest on violation of freedom of opinion and press and also opposition to faked Velayat-faqih and belief in separation of religion from politic .they have also evidenced in court judge present that he doesn't have mental health, that it shows another kind of common injustice of judicial system of Iran. It's unjust that an accused attends in a court lonely, even without attendance of his counsel briefed by the court, While according to a report on site of Human Rights activists in Iran ; Dr. Hesam Firouzi, the physician of some political prisoners, has announced that Ayatollah boroujerdi's state is critical and has asked Ayatollah Shahroudi ,the chief of Iran judicial , to permit him to have seek treatment and medical cares out of prison immediately .Also ,during above-mentioned court session ,he(Ayatollah) has been forced to interview with some governmental newspapers and express repentance on his last activities and on belief of separation of religion from politic, and ask the court and governmental authorities to excuse him ,other wise they will kill him and his followers.
As you know, recently we were witness of different of machinations of Iran regime with the aim of killing Ayatollah Boroujerdi(like releasing the rumor of his escaping from prison that was produced by authorities and was immediately rejected by the general director of prisons because of the lake of cooperation with themselves)and although he is suffering from different diseases such as asthma , heart and renal problems ,Parkinson's disease ,high blood pressure and … but he is forced to do hard labours in prison as torture.
Noting to the above-mentioned affairs, we believe that people who are inattentive on widespread violation of the right of one human don't have permission to call themselves defender of Human Rights. now Ayatollah Boroujerdi's file is exposed to danger because of his opinions ,so we ask all Human Rights organizations, institutes and activists in all over the world to consider this affair seriously and immediately and provide proper situations for his seek treatment and send an extraordinary representative of Human Rights assembly of the united nations to meet him ,before an unpleasant happening will be happened for him by the authorities and defenders of Velayat-faqih as the most important violators of Human Rights in Iran.
Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers in Iran and Europe – Sep 2008

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