November 30, 2009

Based on the statement of the leader of Iran’s revolution, Mr. Boroujedi’s condemnation period has ended

Based on extant documents such as the news published in newspaper “Yas-e-No” on Dec 3, 2003;

the present leader of Iran government who had been detained in solitary confinement for a few days before the revolution and had described that situation as follows: “those days were my worst days in prison”, said an important word in reply to a question on this matter: “one day in solitary confinement must be counted as 10 days in general sections.” So, according to this definite statement of Mr. Khamenei; Mr. Boroujerdi’s condemnation (11 years imprisonment), came to end on Nov 21, 2009. Therefore the continuance of Mr. Boroujerdi’s detention, notwithstanding his grave physical condition, is contrary to the view of the highest rank of Iran and this political and ideological prisoner must be released immediately.

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