November 19, 2009

A report on the latest condition of Mr. Boroujerdi in Special section for clergy in Evin prison

According to the statement of eyewitnesses, Mr. Boroujerdi lost his physical balance once again and fell down seriously on Nov 17, when he was going down the stairs. He was in coma for some second because of that. Moreover he has fallen down several times because of sudden vertigo and hurt during last two months for example on Oct 10, Oct 12.

Other cases:
- Mr. Boroujerdi is spending difficult days in one of the cells of Special section for clergy in Evin prison.
- There are a lot of problems in the thermal system of special section for clergy as this matter has intensified the pressures on prisoners in that cold weather of the north of Tehran, but relevant authorities have announced the shortage of fuel as the reason of such this condition in reply to the following up of the prisoners.
- Spreading contagious diseases and the lack of drug and specialists is another danger that threatens the prisoners.
- Increase in the number of detainees after presidential election has made most of sections of Evin such as special section for clergy crowded and this matter has intensified Mr. Boroujerdi’s respiratory problem and also made some restrictions in his phone communications too.
- Distributing food with so low quality even expired one among the prisoners has brought a really difficult condition for them.
- According to the report of the most experts and former prisoners; keeping prisoners in very bad condition and depriving them of medical services is used as a means for torturing and putting them under pressure as some of prisoners in Iran have died due to these tortures.
Further explanations:
It is necessary to say that Mr. Boroujerdi who has unfrocked himself voluntarily in protesting against the intensifications of general pressures by religious government of Iran, was transferred from solitary confinement in Yazd central prison to Evin prison on Aug 19, 2009 because of the gravity of his physical condition, but no action has been taken to hospitalize him or even do necessary medical examinations yet. He is suffering from various diseases such as heart, eye, tooth, respiratory, bone and kidney problems and Parkinson’s disease too, as the result of being in the bad health and medical condition in solitary confinement and general sections for more than 37 months and now he is so weak and vulnerable.

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