December 10, 2009

Dec 10, 2009 is maybe a prologue to save Human Rights!

Human Rights world anniversary is a pretext for hearing and saying about an ideal world and a clear future!
And I wish it would be a pretext for thinking of human’s world a little. There is no doubt that the world around us is full of violence and cruelty, but what should we do? This is the question that each aware mind and each pure conscience should answer.

Love is the secret of human survival and his deliverance key. Some one who can love all people equally, is the real defender of human rights. We should believe and think so that the present duty of Human Rights defenders is saving human rights from the bondage of political world. The low world that in its view Human Rights is as a means for achieving party and organizational purposes and a lever in the hands of the politics world powers to remove every one on their way and of course what has no importance in this tragedy is “enjoyment of all humans of equal rights”.
And perhaps it was the way in which human had to pass to get to this point that: who is the real defender of human rights and who can restore the rights of humans to them?

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