October 10, 2009

Ruminating Mr. Boroujerdi’s thoughts in Tafsir-e-khabar (news interpretation) program on the satellite channel VOA - Oct 8, 2009

In this program, Mr. Chalangi, the presenter of the program said: Ayatollah Boroujerdi is a Shiite cleric who is spending third year of his jail in prison; why? This cleric expressed his opinion in a message that his believes in separation of religion from government; and he was detained and imprisoned because of this. He is being detained in prison as yet after three years.
Listen to a part of his words in his arrest day please,

Mr. Boroujerdi: this nation is poor and has problem, I gather the people are involved and have problem. I sooth and help them because of love to my homeland. If you are Iranian, if you are Muslim, why do you hit us instead of rewarding?! Don’t you say “we are here to protect Islam and Iran? You want protect by killing the youth of country and Islam?
O’ my lord; I swear you on your truth and holiness please save Iran and Iranians from oppression, crime, terror and tyranny. O’ God; grant Iran and Iranians freedom, independence, wealth and health please.

Ms Parisa Bahrololumi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers had a phone communication in the continuation of the program as follow:

Mr.Chalangi: Ms Parisa Bahrololumi, one of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers is with us on phone line. Hello to you from Tehran.
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: hello to you Mr.Chalangi and to your guests too.

Mr.Chalangi: Ms Bahrololumi; please tell me and our viewers briefly, what’s Mr. Boroujerdi’s say? What’s his main word and why is it interesting for you as an Iranian youth as caused you support him?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: he asks for separation of religion from politics, an open referendum under international control and peace between the followers of all religions in all over the world. He condemns all rough sentences like: death, stoning and flogging. So it is about 8 months that a petition with about 5hundred thousand signatures has been provided to present this prisoner clergy to the Committee for Noble Peace Prize 2009 in order to fulfill the effective efforts of Mr. Boroujerdi for his philanthropic ideals. We ask for absolute immunity for this liberal man. As an Iranian youth who live in Iran, I support him because he says: pray God in the way you like, be just and observe justice.

Mr. Chalangi: is this the more interesting and attractive point he says? And as a youth do you support him?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: yes

Mr. Chalangi: thank you Ms Parisa Bahrololumi,

Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: Mr. Chalangi; although his physical condition is so critical and he has been transferred from Yazd prison to Evin prison for about one month, but no measures has been taken yet to treat or hospitalize him even he has been deprived of access to drug. In addition a few days ago he fell down for vertigo and his brain, head and right part of his body hurt seriously, we are so worry about his health.

Mr.Chalangi: does he have access to lawyer?
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: no, he has no permit to have an independent lawyer. The Special Court for Clergy has said his lawyer must be a clergy therefore they had taken a counsel briefed by the court, his name is Mr. Barzegar. Also he has a lawyer called Ms Giti Pourfazel who has chosen by his family. She has referred to Special Court for clergy many times, but she has been given no answer so she couldn’t do any thing.

Mr. Chalangi: thank you Ms Parisa Bahrololumi from Tehran. Thank you very much.
Ms Parisa Bahrololumi: your welcome and thanks for your time.

In continue, Mr. Chalangi ask Mr.Haghighi the guest and political analyzer of the program, as follow:
Mr. Haghighi; a Shiite cleric asks for separation of religion from government, but you see his destiny and condition as Ms Bahrololumi explained. What solution do you propose for coming out of that condition you name it crisis and also Mr. Rafsanjani too?
Mr.Haghighi (political analyzer): Mr.Kazemeini Boroujerdi who I talked about him last programs, had some indexes in his social movement anyway and he showed that as yet religion is the most powerful motive for social movements in Iran or for those women protected Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi and didn’t let him be arrested during those 15 days. It is one of the rare phenomena in political history of Iran and in my opinion it showed his influence on his followers.

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