November 17, 2015

Unity of religions under the banner of sanctified magnificence of the Almighty

Religion, leads us to the source of existence. Faith is a ladder between humans and their creator, impregnating their conscience by spirituality. A religious person turns to enlightenment which leads the world towards evolution, and enriches the creatures in the path of God Almighty. Religions have a great responsibility in the revitalization of spirituality which will bring virtue and veracity to people. The existence of different divine religions - given the manifold tastes, creeds and interests, can be in view of transcendence of divine promises to the world. However, sometimes the contradictions and incoherence between these divine doctrines results in the creation of tensions and conflicts rather than unity between the world theists.
What remains important at all times and places, is the adherence to the common viewpoints and the consolidation of opinions with regards to God’s supervision. The propagation of violent and conflictual thoughts under the banner of divine religions and beliefs, causing harm to the image of spirituality and theology, is a frightening and distressful phenomenon. God, nurtures and takes care of his creatures, and has commended humanity in all religious laws and divine books, and has made mankind to be the common embodiment of kindness of the creator and the creation (people) - for acting as God’s substitutes on earth; hence, when we hear that under the name of religion, a society is being threatened and an atmosphere of fear and intimidation becomes prevalent in some parts of the world, we are deeply affected and grieved, and as believers in God, we feel embarrassed and ashamed for these public judgements.
All God seeking nations have gathered around an essence which is crystalized in the human conscience. A conscience which acts beyond the police and prevents humanity from falling into animalistic transmutations, because the nature of mankind is subject to change and is constantly moving forward with instincts it commonly shares with animals.   
The nature of the world instigates arrogance, is quarrelsome and malfeasant, and it exhibits violent actions towards its new guests, and imposes the law of the jungle, hence the role of the believers is to protect the authenticity of mankind.
Within each human being there is a receptor that invites him towards good and beauty; so that it may convey positive and useful energies in view of promoting common virtues and interests.
The Lord seeks absolute goodness and absolutism in good deeds, and has chosen his creation to act as his substitute on earth; hence, these transient opportunities should be used in the most efficient way to gratify the society with enlightened spirituality and divine energies. As a result, the consensus of divine leaders in rendering uniformity to religious opinions is an absolute necessity.  All religious teachers have the responsibility of promoting the positive affinities in their teachings, so that an individual with any kind of belief may be attracted towards them. Religious preachers should not present monotheistic viewpoints in a nervous and angry manner, with harmful thoughts and biased feelings, because the audience has a tendency to follow the metaphysical facts through their visage and the way they address them. Religious leaders are closely judged through the magnifiers of their own society, and any deviated and careless action can create a spiritual and emotional crisis. The experts of divine sciences should be aware of the dangerous and critical conditions of today’s world – where all disorders and abnormalities are in some way being focused on our creator, whether directly through religious systems, or indirectly, as a result of ordinary conclusions in the analysis of definitions of faith.
Today, the humanity is going through financial pressures, security concerns and family hardships, and all eyes are focused on definitions of miraculous solutions offered by religions, and divine methods, leading to expectations for assistance, guidance, and solutions in the hearts of people.
In the past, religious education instigated nations towards the exploration of problems and purification of adverse responses towards their creator, creating wonders in the liberation of people from different sufferings; hence the distances of thought between the creator and his creation should be purified and the hearts should be guided towards the horizon of knowledge and wisdom of the Lord God Almighty. The friendship and the empathy of the clergymen with people will strengthen the communication bridges between the creator and his creation. An understanding of the realities of life of all nations helps towards creating these affinities.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Iran- Tehran- Evin Prison
11- Novamber-2015

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