November 26, 2015

A Message from Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi Concerning Terror Attacks Worldwide

To all those in the world who are in quest of God 
To see a human being hurt and harmed in the name of religion is very regretful.  All humans with a conscience will be distressed when humanity is harmed under the banner of a religion. God has created mankind for representing him and his own caliphate, and even though at times of hardship he puts him into test, yet he will not be satisfied or pleased to see him oppressed. 

It is not acceptable to see injustice done towards the of ideals of humanity and religious laws; in other words, it does not correspond with the principles of monotheism, because even though God has created hell for the judgment day, yet he has also opened a way for avoiding any kind of harassment through the path of reconciliation and repentance with God; and a person who claims to believe in a religion should not resort to acts of violence which results in questioning of the truth in the graceful quest for God.
My advice is that, whenever an incident takes place in the world, which in some way engages religions and faiths, as originating from their teachings, they should be dealt with in a knowledgeable manner, and any violent action should be disavowed from divine correlations, as mankind has a guardian, who is God, and it has a creator, who is God; and he has a host, and this guest of the earthly world is known to be merciful, and he will ever be satisfied to see persecution, genocide and different kinds of treason committed towards people in the name of promoting the so called religious or faith based objectives. Hoping to see the day when the name of religion will always be synonymous to beauty, and that religion will mean the embracing and cajoling of people, and that the spiritual laws and rites will illustrate the divine grace and munificence for people in quest of spirituality.  

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
19th November 2015
Iran – Tehran, Evin Prison

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