November 17, 2015

Stop Killings and Violence

The violence shows itself in many different ways in the world. There are people in every corner of the world, who have tasted the bitterness of confronting terror, terrorists and insecurity. Terrorist attacks in Paris and also in other countries such as Lebanon once again reminds people of the world of this fact that if they do not try to achieve lasting peace in all countries to panic and soon black shadow spread terrorism all over the world, soon the black shadow of terror will spread over all the world and comfort and security of all of us will fade away. Now, one of the main causes of violence in the world, especially the Middle East, is political Islam and religious rule, which makes it essential to draw the public attention to this problem.
The silence of the world against the brutal killing of innocent people in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as crimes of dictators such as the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, results in nothing but empowerment of terrorism in the world. 
We, Mr. Seyyed Hossein Boroujerdi representatives, condemn terrorism in any form and shape, while expressing our sympathy with the survivors of these events, once again echo the requests of this imprisoned leader of the religious tyranny, which is to stand tall and united against ignorance, crime and violence in the name of God and religion, all of us, wherever we are and with any religion, race, color and thought; and also to denounce the wrong policies of appeasement with the criminal regimes who support terrorism and to try for reaching a comprehensive peace and stability, in the world.

November 2015
Representatives of the imprisoned Iranian religious leader, Mr. Seyed Hussein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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