December 10, 2015

Mr. Boroujerdi Cut off Contact with the Outside

On the morning of Saturday, December 5, 2015, the phone of the ward which Mr. Boroujerdi is confined in was cut off while he was in conversation, this interruption continued for 24 hours, he and other prisoners of this ward were deprived of phone calls.

Mr. Boroujerdi is being kept in Ward 325 (special cleric section) of Evin prison which is for clergy prisoners, and he has to use the public telephone which is in the yard to this ward to communicate with outside the prison. However, with the coming of winter considering the weather conditions in Evin mountainous area it is much colder, using the phone in the open air without shelter and chambers is hard and annoying.
Cold onerous on the one hand and multiple diseases and premature aging because of torture and ill-treatment in a decade on the other hand, has worsen the conditions for this 57-year-old prisoner.
Mr. Boroujerdi was deprived of phone calls for seven months in this year and his family expressing concern about his physical condition because of living in deprivation of drug and treatment, announced that the Special Clerical Court use the disconnection of telephone, as a means of pressure on them and other prisoners, because the only way for prisoners to communicate to their family and relatives, and this represents a gross violation of human rights standards in Iran.

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