May 05, 2009

Ayatollah Boroujerdi impeaches and complaines against iran religious government

Greeting to patriotic, theist and humanitarian lawyers who make efforts to expand freedom, to protect justice, to spread peace and to consolidate democracy and sacrifice their life in cause of this aim too.
there were 34 ancient and handwritten manuscripts of Holy Quran in my private library before the attack of military forces under the supervision of Mr. Talaei and his subgroups, security forces and the secret police of Ministry of Information to my house and then killing, plundering, beating and battery my family, relatives, and the traditional religion followers, who had gathered in my house, and the surrounding streets. These manuscripts were rare and valuable as according to the statements of the experts and bibliographers they cost about 60 billion rials ( 6 million dollars ) as well as there were 47 original manuscripts from previous centuries writers that had not been published and had been accounted as the only copy of the books a their costs were estimated about 80 billion rials ( 8million dollars ) a few years ago too. Moreover there were my educational documents I had received them from about 40 persons of the nobles and the grand Ulema of seminaries of Boroujerd,Qom,Tehran and also from religious authorities of that time since I had entered the seminaries in 1972, also there were the great scientific treasure and educational documents of mine, along with my final thesis in different courses of religious learning, monotheism education that were the result of my long technical ,religious and learning researches has been taken by the Islamic republic of Iran as the mentioned house has been confiscated as yet after passing three years of savage and inhuman attacks of the repressive regime and I have no news about the mentioned documents and belongings.
So, I ask all my defenders inside and outside of Iran to follow up this important and inevitable subject in different institutions of the United Nations and to make some formal complaints on this subject and submit to the UN court for Human Rights.Respectfully yours
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerd

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