May 02, 2009

A letter of Mr.Boroujerdi to Mr.Karroubi

Dear Fellow-State
Mr. Haj Sheikh Mahdi Karroubi

Greetings to Lorestan and to its reformists and Justice Seekers

I’m very surprised and sorry to see you have entered in election battlefield again, though I admire your courage to your presence in an arena that is full of thorn, shot, machination and threat and is the place of quivers of dictators! Because entering in an arena which is under unconditional dominance of oppressive and harsh people is a hard action and not everybody can do that, but that conscientious people who have understood the pain of the oppressed country and are known with the afflictions of poor people and have perceived this word “people are running away from the religion of Allah in multitude number” by all their heart and soul, but my sorrow is because of your inattention to this word” one who experience what has been experienced before, will be repented” and have exposed your national credits, religious points and popular glories to the destroying windstorms of Velayat-e-Faqih that alters the ballot-boxes like scissors by its two illogical and sharp blades “Guardians Council” and “Ministry of the Interior”, and you cooperate with religious despotism and take the poor nation to the mirage republicanism and futile religion in this way.
Are the specified actions and selections on the Executive power of country by those imposed Persons who prevent from a suitable and proper selection and those imposed appointing persons who are the factors of hypocrisy, oppression and money, agreeable to God and acceptable to the aware society of Iran?!
Have they fulfilled the important and undeniable promises of the founder of this Islamic government during the past 3o years of the Revolution?!
Didn’t they give great and fundamental economic, social, political, credit and belief promises to the current calendar of this sacred country in the presence of the world historians? And weren’t clear and obvious breaches of them observed in the history of Islamic Republic of Iran?!
Is the result of the delusive slogans “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic” this situation we watch today? Is that all?
Is the commitment of this old clergy to improving the society and reform the spiritual matters of the simple and noble people of country, this very regrettable and disgraceful situation we see?!
My Lor brother; what beautiful and pleasing view of being nominated, do you have? And what’s your motive for calling others to this referendum that its result has been specified before?!
I hope you have newer slogans for deceiving the society!
Respectfully yours
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujedi

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