May 03, 2009

Mr. Boroujerdi’s message on 3rd of May, World press freedom day

Happy World press freedom day

The press of every country is its vital and important source. Whenever a disorder appears in media system of a nation, that country will spontaneously be fallen. Every kind of interference and influence in news agencies will cause thought disasters in society. It is so obvious that mass media are the keepers and watches of nations’ rights, so news inquiring will lead to extensive credit and security damages. Common censorships by Fascist governments will bring violation of the rights of society and increase and spread governmental tyranny and oppression. A journalist is like a night guard that has a light in his hand in darkness’ and guards the peace and security of people. If a government disavows the journalist of this responsibility, the light will be taken from the society as nobody will have comfort and peace of mind anymore even in his home.
I congratulate all liberals in all over the world on this great day and I ask all world reformists to make effort to disclose the secrets and hidden plans of dictators by all their soul and heart, moreover I invite democracy watches and defenders to pay more attention to the hidden and secret news of Iran and I specially ask them to make the condition of opinion and political prisoners transparent.
I have always been bombard with false and negative propagations, news and media programs by violators of peace, freedom and democracy and Iran authorities who claim to be religious and republic have tried to assassinate my character as a leader of religion freedom by making and showing false and unjust films. So I have always expected world society to defend me truthfully and justly and make effort to disseminate right news in the world. Now while I’m in a grave physical condition in an appalling cell, I request for revealing the identity of dictators pretending to be religious persons and for disseminating my national, religious, credit and international shouts.
Sincerely yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi-Yazd prison

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