May 25, 2009

The protest of Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s followers against continuation of repression and violation of Bahia’s rights in Iran

Along with the intensification of the process of arrest, detention and also threat to execution about another group of Bahia compatriots during last days, Mr. Boroujerdi’s followers ask international society to pay more attention to continued violation of primary rights of Bahia people in Iran. Mr.Boroujerdi’s followers believe that unfortunately Human Rights matter is always fallen a victim to transient and political interests within secret relations of governments; so Opposition group should take the responsibility of this matter and be as the reflex of extinguished voices of the tired society of Iran against religious despotism .

Since the beginning of Ahmadinejad administration the repression of civil movement, dissidents and the followers of other religions has accelerated as among all these, repression of Bahia compatriots is more serious and severer.
Bahia students’ deprival of the right to education, lack of enjoying the least civil rights, continued violation of citizen rights in a cover of legal actions!... and even issuing rough sentences and vain and unreal charges such as bombing and terroristic actions, that are issued in an unclear atmosphere without a fair trial, have written a dark future for Bahia people in Iran.

Mr. Boroujerdi’s followers in addition to insisting on freedom of belief and the right to free worship for the followers of other religions and also sympathizing with Bahia society, ask for carrying out and observing the World Human Rights Charter and their rights in Iran perfectly .


Unknown said...

Ahmadinejad: we don’t have any Political and ideological prisoner. What is the meaning of this sentence?

Unknown said...

No just Bahia's rights, also the Muslim's rights violate by Iranian government.