May 13, 2009

The first part of Mr. Boroujerdi’s unpublished interview in the prison

Date: May, 2009

1- When have you become aware of the decadence and deviation of political Islam?

I have become aware since they had started to fight against Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. My father who was one of the greatest apolitical Ulema of the Capital city of country and was familiar with the founder of this government at the time of his education in Qom, quoted from one of his teachers, Ayatollah Agha Sheikh Abdonnabi Iraqi-Najafi who was one of the religious authorities in that time and advised my father to avoid the company of him (Mr. Khomeini), “ He is a visionary philosopher that has imagined an Utopia in his mind and his activities are related to this thoughts and is along to get to this goal too.” He also said about Ayatollah Haj Agha Seyed Hosein Boroujerdi, the popular religious and social leader of Shiites in 50 years ago, that he forbade all learned people and students of his school to associate and sympathy with the founder of the Islamic Revolution. Moreover, I was strongly prevented from political Islam by one of my teachers, Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Shariatmadary who was the religious leader of all Iranian Muslims. Although, he was tormented and annoyed in the beginning of the revolutionaries’ movement, he avoided rising against them because of keeping peace in the country and saving nation’s life. Finally, he was murdered by the agents of the regime that claims to be religious and republic.

2- When have you started your fights against political Religion and how has this movement been formed?

Since eighteen years ago, it has been started in the shape of forming cultural classes in order to use divine, religious and spiritual texts that were made accessible to the society as cassettes and booklets.

3- Have your experiences strengthened your thoughts and opinions to avoid religious government?

Yes. Now that I observe the economical, credit, belief, social and international reports of the governments pretending to be religious during these 30 years, I bow and revere for the late religious leaders of this country because they were aware of the damaging results and interference of religion in politics and were familiar with the base and origin of this revolution that is the cause of annihilation of Islam and destroying Iran. Also, they rightfully prevented and kept us away from depending on it.

4- Aren’t you tired of having not used the privileges of political religion and benefits of the revolution and of being under tortures and torments of the military, Information and security agents?

No! When I see the misery and pain of my compatriots that the regime has annihilated their world under the name of God and prophet’s tradition, and their lives have been made bitter with the unreal slogans of the expert and fraudulent persons, I become more determined to stand up in hidden, appalling and destroying prisons of Iran.

5- According to the existing pictures and films, you have a great popular supports, why do you not ask your followers to demonstrate?

During the years of this government, the intensity of suffocation has been in such level that any gathering with even in a few numbers has been forbidden. Every kind of protest will severely be repressed and every shout and voice will be extinguished by the regime. Its best sign is the numerous prisons have been built by the regime that is not comparable with the last Empire government. Although building prisons and imprisoning people is not lawful in Shiite jurisprudences, the defamatory and oppressor judicial system always moves in the pathway of building prisons and houses of detention. I am aware of the malice, cruelty and rascality of the harsh government of Iran and I know that in spite of Shah’s policy that rejected massacre, they kill millions of people because of any strike or protest, so when I remember the unforgettable fate of people during the past unforgivable and deplorable years that what criminals committed and how many people were killed, I avoid public call. I believe that humanitarian organizations and international legal and human societies should pave the way for administration of Iranian nation’s rights by persuading the present government to hold a free and independent referendum under the United Nation observation and give the right to life to the people are captive in the grasps of the despotism of Vilayat-e-Faqih in this way. Certainly, the life conditions of this nation are more unpleasant than that of Palestinian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Afghan people.

6- What do you expect the world’s nations to do?

I expect all liberals of our age to follow up my news more exactly and ask their governments to revise their relations with Iran and moreover, ask the world high ranking positions to save us from these inhuman conditions and demand the United Nations Security Council to deter Iran from these criminals by issuing some laws and add them to its conviction.

Respectfully yours,
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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