May 11, 2009

Mr.Boroujerdi's letter to honorable members of United States Commission on International Religious

To: Honorable members of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

Greetings from an exhausted man who is free from materialism
My Greetings to liberty which constitutes the spirit of human beings and lack of it causes a slow and painful spiritual death.
Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my regards from the torture chamber of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The more important and painful subject than my tortures in prison is that I am spending my time in an inhuman condition in a country that in the name of religion has destroyed the faith of people in a peaceful ancestral religion. By wrongdoings of this regime people are discouraged and disheartened from any spiritual interest and practice.

To which court shall I plea my case about this national, religious and social disasters? The results of the efforts of true believers, and honorable men have been ruined and the heartfelt acceptance of the metaphysical beliefs has been dissipated because of selfishness, dictatorship, unlawful and irrational behaviors of this regime.

I protest from my prison cell to the almighty God and hope to shed light on the evil and criminal actions of the clerics. I am willing to be a martyr for the most important cause of humanity which is freedom from tyranny. If by my death in this contemporary time the dirty hidden secrets of the supreme leader of Islamic country (Velayat-e Faqih) are exposed to the world so be it.

Dear Chief, Honorable member of Commission on International Religious Freedom, my expectation from all human Rights defenders and peace activists is to help innocent people who are under religious tyranny and to inform international societies about the long term goals of religious colonizers in order to end the deceitful tricks of Iran’s governors. In this country, freedom of expression, religion, press, and thought have been destroyed. Anyone with ideas thoughts, and beliefs that is different from governing authorities, is kidnapped and imprisoned in an undisclosed locations only known to Security Service and Sepah organization.

Dear audience! If relationship with God is censored by material desires of religious dictatorship, there will be no salvation for humanity. Inquisition by (Velayat-e Faqih) causes religious isolation and the present political Islam gives rise to destruction of true religious believers. The next generations of this bloody soil and country are on the path of complete isolation from spiritual and holly concepts. In this regards, I shall ask all scientists, specialists and learned people in different subjects such as law, theology, humanity, sociology, and morality to use their full power to help the compassionate God since the number of atheists is rising due to damaging and harmful actions of religious leaders.

In this way, I shall ask all participants who have sympathy for religion and love God to help victims of Islamic dictatorship in Iran so that all world nations are saved from the conflicts and conspiracy.
Thank You,
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Iran, Yazd Central Prison, 4 May 2009

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