July 18, 2010

Mr. Boroujerdi has been deprived of visitation for a long time

According to the report of Iran Human Rights and Democracy Activists; Mr. Boroujerdi has been deprived of visitation since March 14, 2010 for 4 months and as he has lost the most part of his vision due to tortures and the lack of treatment, so he doesn’t accept to have cabin visitation.
It is clear that it is so necessary and essential for a prisoner who has been under physical and psychological tortures for 4 years continuously and without even one day off, to have visitation with his family half an hour per week, but the dictators ruling Iran .in order to torture their opponents more deny them have this basic and primary right
The authorities have presented no formal reason for stopping the visitation of this dissident prisoner, but based on the reliable reports from the Special Court for Clergy, after the release of the treatise of Mr. Boroujerdi on refutation of Vilayat-e-Faqih and his protest statements on condemning the crimes of the regime leaders and revealing the human rights violation in Iran prisons, the restriction on him has been increased and even in order to stop his communication with out of the prison completely, the subject of exiling him to a remote and deserted place was considered.


Pasha said...

down with government

lotfali marlena said...

this is a terrible way for this barbaric regime to treat this wonderful man, They should be ashamed for doing so!