December 06, 2010

Happy new year of the Jews, Hanukkah celebration

Hanukkah is the celebration of the Jewish New Year. We celebrate this time with all adherents of these great religions. We join in the celebration of all religious beliefs and traditions afforded to all people.
We come to this joint celebration through our common vision for freedom and peace. Unlike the current anti-Semitic regime of Iran who creates animosity and hatred among those who descend from the prophet Ibrahim.
Mr. Boroujerdi respects peaceful acceptance of different religious beliefs. In the past several years he has been imprisoned in the inhuman conditions of the Islamic Republic of Iran prison system.

From inside the walls of prison, Mr. Boroujerdi sends these warm greetings for Hanukkah:
“We celebrate the light (Hanukkah). God Almighty is the Source of all light. God Almighty is the Creator of all light. As part of His creation, we are all in need of His light. That which blocks the flow of Gods sunlight is malice and destructive. Monotheism will bring unity to Gods creation. All people of the world are Gods creation. In worshiping God Almighty, His children are unified. My belief about different religions and creeds in different countries is that any religious belief that brings us closer to the Source (God) is the truth. This force will lead humanity towards enlightenment. On this great day, (Hanukkah) we celebrate the unity among the believers of God’s light.”
All followers of Mr. Boroujerdi join in this celebration of light with all Jewish people around the world. With hope that the sunlight of truth will free us from the darkness of injustice and ignorance, we hope for the world full of peace and brotherhood among God’s children.

From the followers of the imprisoned Mr. Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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