April 23, 2013

To the brave and righteous people of Iran

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand
Every passing day, the living conditions inside our country become invariably unbearable and grueling; even breathing under a dictatorship and in an atmosphere of suffocation becomes ever more problematic. We are facing a most distressing time in our nation’s history and these catastrophes are forcing the discussion on the nature and purpose of religion.

The bloody boots of the despotic Mullahs in power has destroyed our national interests and its brutal arms reach over our people is the whip clad arm of a slave driving master who in the name of religion created a crisis of faith and material within our exasperated and overwhelmed society.

It is seven years since I was imprisoned and became cell mates with my innocent compatriots, all of whom have been detained within these horrific walls in order to satisfy the absolutist supreme leadership. We are all kept on a diet of rape, torture and inhumane domination. My constant companion has been my distress over the pains of the children of this land, sharing their desperation every step of the way.

 The day a republic was supposedly intermingled with Islamism, the unholy incongruence as it completely contradicted the divine laws, to mix faith and politics, became my nightmare. The whole concept is nothing more than a lie, a deception, opportunism and excess via a religion whose foundations are based in righteousness, conviction, esteem and generosity. This therefore is a baseless farce and one which is purposeful and sinister and which today is most blatantly evident on the political Islam’s report card, exposing the unwelcome product of the sham Islamic revolution. We now know that it was nothing more than a ruse at the hands of those corrupt despots, to plunder our country’s wealth and strip our people of their dignity and annihilate our God-given resources and natural bounties.

 From the inception of this cancerous revolution, our society’s well-being, vivaciousness and exuberance was stifled and the savings, pockets and tables were pillaged, while superstition and antiquated religiosity took over. From then on, their treacherous schema was put into effect and with their falsified statistics and numbers, they numbed the already depleted populace. With their big lie media, they bewitched the simple folk and the devout and now, after the passing of thirty four years, their ‘rule of the turban’ parades the martyrs that they indifferently sent to their deaths, has become the dog and pony show with which they maintain their hackneyed control.

They have spent the entire country’s wealth in order to dig their internal and external trenches, devouring what little livelihood the average person has left, in order to fortify their own security and surveillance around the world.

 They have spread rampant drug addiction, poverty, disease, illiteracy, bankruptcy, among other things and all their lies and deception has been served up to the undeserving citizenry of Iran.

Financing thugs like Bashar Al-Asad, Hamas, Hassan Nasrollah, Hezbollah and other such murderers has become this tyranny’s passion and mission and the average Iranian who as a result of unemployment and abject privation is robbed of his or her dignity and this has become our identity on the international scene and within contemporary history.

 Every four years, they organize a counterfeit election and prop up candidates who will do their further biding by repeating the same lies, and in order to guarantee another few years of the criminal rule. They make a mockery of the citizens who wish to participate in a lawful and constitutional process and who wish to have their voices heard as the veritable partners of this country, but who are nothing more than objects of control and playthings by the illegal regime.

 Once again, as I sit here, physically and psychologically unwell, I offer my solidarity and humility to you, my fellow Iranians.


Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi

 Evin Prison, Tehran

April 2013

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