May 15, 2018

Irwin Cotler Named Mr.Boroujerdi as Iran's Mandela in Canada Parliament

On the occasion of 6thanniversary of Iran Accountability week, a panel of experts was held about inner repression and clear violation of human rights in Iran in canada.
The Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights in partnership with Bahá'í Community of Canada, the Raoul Wallenberg All-Party Parliamentary Caucus For Human Rights and the parliament  Subcommittee on International Human Rightshave held a public on human right situation in Iran. The panel was held on the occasion of Iran Accountability week focusing on the inner repression and human right abuses in Iran. Pro fessor Irwin Cotler, RWCHR founder, and some formost experts attended the meeting.
   On May 1st, 2018, Michael Levitt, the member of parliament states that this week the subcommittee on International Human Rights is holding the 6thanniversary of Iran Accountability week to reveal every details of human right violation perpetuated by Iran Regim. Iranian face sever violations of Civil and political rights, the right to freedom of expression and Conscience. Women and girls have particularly been discriminated against systematically.Women do not have equal rights of marriage, divorce, child custody or inheritance . sever and baseless penalties are being imposed for women`s dress. They continuously face long jail sentences, too. Adultry is punished by death and stoning and victims of sexual assaults are punished for speaking out. Homosexuals are being persecuted and sentenced by death. Iranian people are suffering from atrocious behaviour of a Regim that does not respect human rights.
And We, in Iran Accoutability week, express our sympathy and say: "We stand with you " 
Professor Payam Akhavan, one of the founders of Iran human right Documentation Center who participated in the panel as a witness via video conference from London testified to a flagrant violation of human rights in Iran. Furthermore he pointed towards Mr.Boroujerdi as an instance of human right violation and declared that there are now numerous dissidents being persecuted in prisons because of their religious or political beliefs. Iran regim even has tortured senior Islamic clergymen such as Mr.Boroujerdi who demands for seperation of state and religion.
On My 3/2018 , Former MP and justice minister Irwin Cotler, who is now in charge of Rougl wallenberg, attended a press conference with Several Canada parliamentarians.
They higlighted human right violation in Iran by stating their reports.
Michael Levitt Liberal MP, the chair of the Subcommitte on international human rights, the vice-president Cheryl Hardcastle and Corinne Box, the spokesman for Bahá'í Community in canada attended the meeting as well. It is worth mentioning that Irwin Cotler named Mr.Boroujerdi as Iran's Mandela and asserted that he has courageausly fought for seperation of religion and state in Irane and spoken up for all religious minorities and endangered his Life to reform religious freedom and he has Still been hoiding in house detention after Serving an eleven-year prison sentence under the hardest excruciation .

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