July 15, 2011

Increasing concern about physical condition of Mr.Boroujerdi

Human rights and democracy activists in Iran: According to the received news, Mr.Boroujerdi, who is a libertarian and Anti Velayat Faqih prisoner, is in unpleasant and horrible condition due to poor condition of prison and also intensification of physical and psychological pressure.

Before, the retina of his eyes was seriously injured due to spraying poison into his face and now, one of his eyes is on the verge of complete blindness. Lack of medical care for his heart failure which he is suffering from following imprisonment resulted in swelling in his legs and has caused imbalance in walking and standing.
Mr.Boroujedi who is spending the Fifth year of his 11-years conviction in Evin prison solely for his Pacifist beliefs, is suffering from various diseases as a result of persecution and inhuman condition of prison.
Despite repeated requests and continuous follow-up of his family and international human rights organizations, he is deprived from having any medical facilities and attorney at law. So far, his request for a medical leave even for one hour has been rejected.
His family and close friends expressed their concern about the health of this political prisoner and request from all the human rights defenders and international communities to address the critical condition of this imprisoned and release his news in the global communities.

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