December 09, 2011

Statement by 235 active opponents of war with Iran condemning the assault on British Embassy compound and demanding an immediate halt to Iran’s nuclear program

The tension-enhancing efforts of the Islamic Republic are fast approaching dangerous levels.  Instead of taking positive steps in alleviating the ever increasing tensions surrounding its nuclear programs, the Iranian regime only continues to expand the scope of its political adventures. 
The pre-organized attack on the British Embassy and the ensuing tougher sanctions and further isolation, was a giant leap in pushing Iranian citizens to the brinks of an unwanted war.

The Iranian people are being dragged into a global confrontation while their daily lives and social status have dramatically deteriorated due solely to the economic ineptitude of the regime.  They now have to also bear the tragic brunt of international condemnation of the attack on the British embassy and the resulting new round of sanctions, especially the pressures on Iran’s Central Bank.

In its usual combative and irresponsible tradition in handling both domestic and foreign affairs - most often used in trampling the people and their properties - the Islamic Republic has once again adopted a defiant position in the diplomatic arena.  For the second time in its 33-year history the Islamic Republic breached the most fundamental diplomatic laws by storming and ransacking the British Embassy led by state supported para-military operatives and Basij militia members stationed inside universities.

As one of the cradles of civilization, Iranian people [Persians] deeply respect diplomatic norms and laws among all nations and the world knows that it is the officials of the Islamic Republic who are responsible for this shameful act.

The regime engages in such dangerous and confrontational activity, while it fails to protect one the most sensitive and fragile research centers located inside a military base near a heavily populated area in the suburbs of Tehran.  The Revolutionary Guards commanders routinely and continuously use every platform to warn about the regime’s regrettable reactions to potential attacks on Iran; yet they have been unable to explain the mysterious explosion of one of their most advanced missile research centers and the loss of a key commander of the Sepah.  This engenders the serious question as to exactly which elements are playing with Iran’s national security and how capable are they to defend and protect the nation against the consequences of their political adventures?

As active opponents of war, we fear for the future of our country, and feel an urgent need to stop the current dangerous situation.  Those elements who invaded the diplomatic territory of Britain, have been invading the civil space of Iranian citizens for years.  The brutal attack that victimized the British Embassy this time, was symbolic of what the true movement of students (representatives of which  are still imprisoned), human rights, social and political activists, and ethnic minorities are subjected to on a daily basis. 

We urgently demand the complete dismantling of State institutions of oppression, as well as the end of the widespread violence and chaos that dominates Iran’s politics, and the sacrificing of national interests in the battlefield of power-mongering factions.

By their inaction and reluctance to pursue the perpetrators in the British Embassy assault, Iranian officials have proven themselves to be part and parcel in organizing and carrying out this act of aggression.  And the Supreme Leader’s remarks about respect and prudence in foreign policy are nothing more than an empty rhetoric.

The Iranian regime’s primary responsibility at this time should be to seek viable solutions for the crisis surrounding its nuclear policies, instead of demonstrating unreasonable behavior and endangering national security.  Immediate steps toward a relief from diplomatic and economic pressures on our nation include: a temporary suspension of Uranium enrichment, transparent cooperation with IAEA and adherence to the UN Security Council’s Resolutions, as well as other international obligations.

While we approve of Iran’s rights to peaceful nuclear power, we strongly denounce the Islamic Republic’s efforts in pursuit of nuclear weapons and consider this to be against our national security and world peace.  The leaders of the Islamic Republic need to realize that in today’s world, violence, aggression and destructive behavior no longer serve a purpose other than deepening the sense of distrust in the leaders, both locally and internationally.  Lack of trust and legitimacy on the national front share the same roots with tensions and turbulence in international relations.  They are the opposite sides of the same coin.

The Islamic Republic must once and for all, abandon such useless and confidence-bashing politics and understand that any move in creating tensions in the world is considered a betrayal of Iranian people and the future of our nation.

We equally encourage the international community, particularly the Western countries, to remain calm, to consider the rights of Iranian citizens and to refrain from a starting a war.  Any and all forms of miscalculated move, inflammatory threats or military strikes on the country’s nuclear facilities, will undoubtedly lead to irreversible and tragic harm to the land and sea, the pollution of which can only add to the suffering of Iranian people for many years to come, as well as the resentful view of the West.

We firmly believe that the welfare, prosperity and security of Iranian citizens will result, not by keeping it a police state and the rampant violations of their civil rights, and not by engaging in international escapades; but by submitting to the will of the people, immediate freedom of the press and book publishing, abolishing of censorship in every area, immediate abolishment of gender, ethnic and religious discriminations, as well as peaceful and respectable cooperation with other nations the world-over.

To that end, we strongly warn against and condemn every effort in creating a climate conducive to the outbreak of international conflict, thereby considering it our duty to stop the regime’s crisis-building efforts and to help the will of the people to prevail.  The only effective way of ending the domestic and foreign crisis is to reassign the decision making power to the people, by preparing a suitable atmosphere for their election through the participation of all liberal, democratic and political groups united by a national pride to uphold the dignity of Iran.
Under the circumstances, where the ruling despots resort to war-mongering tactics, moving our country toward a state of conflict with the world, and the inevitable destruction of Iran, it is only the will of the people that can stop the decisions and actions of a destructive and out of control regime.  


Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, Hamed Ebrahimi,Mitra Ebrahimi, Abdolreza Ahmadi, Fereydoun Ahmadi, Ahmad Ahmadian, Kamal Aras, Ardavan Ershad, Jamshid Assadi, Leyla Safari, Morteza Eslahchi, Amir Hossein Etemadi, Bijan Eftekhari,Ali Afshari,Korous Aftassi, Maryam Akbari, Dariush Ashouri, Mohammad Javad Akbareyn, Bahram Emami, Kian Amani, Mehrzad Omidmehr, Mehdi Amini, Fariba Amini, Marym Ahari, Vandad Olad Azimi, Faramarz Azarnousha, Farshid Azarnioush, Kamal Azari, Ahmad Azad, Ayandeh Azad, Samad Aghai, Kaveh Ahangari, Jamshid Babai, Rahim Bajgholi, Abdolali Bazargan, Ahmad batebi, Hossein Bagherzadeh, Mahnaz Badihian, Farzaneh Bazrpoor, Mehran Barati, Behdad Bordbar, Reza Boroumand, Meghdad Barimani, Eshrat Bastjani, Fariba Bastjani, Farzin Bastjani, Khosrow Badari, Shahla Bahardoost, Behrouz Bayat, Abbas Bidgoli, Amir Biglari, Missagh Parsa, Koroush Parsa, Habid Parzin, Behzad Parnian, Soheil Parhizi, Saeid Pourheydar, Maryam Pirmozen, Bijan Pirzadeh, Saeed Peyvandi, Habib Tabrizian, Mahmoud Tajalimehr, Mohammad Taghdiri, Nayereh Tohidi, Amir Hossein Tavassoti, Mohammad Ali Tofigh, Kianoush Tavakoli,Setareh Sabety, Mehdi Jami, Jahanshid Javid, Mohammad Hossein Jaafari, Reza Jaafarian, Mehdi Jalali, Arash Janati Atai, Mehran Jangali Moghaddam, Mohammad Jahan-Parvar, Eydin Jahanbakhsh, Pooya Jahandar, Javad Javaheri, Reza Charandabi, Saeed Habibi, Aram Hessami, Saeed Haghjoo, Bijan Hekmat, Hormouz Hekmat, Abbas Hakimzadeh, Fereydoun Khavand, Abbas Khorsandi, Nazanin Khosroshahi, Salar Khosravi, Arya Khosravi, Kamal Davoodi, Fariba Davoodi Mohajer, Mehrdad Darvishpour, Abdolsatar Doshoki, Fariba Rad, Niam Rashedan, Ahmad Rafat, Amir Rashidi, Arman Rezakhani, Pouran Rezayati, Sheydeh Rezai, Faramarz Rafii, Ali Asghar Ramezanpour, Maryam Rouzbehani, Mina Zand Siegel, Geev Zandi, Matin Salemeh, Behrouz Sotoodeh, Amir Saraji, Nasim Sarabandi, Hassan Sarabakhshian, Mehdi Saeid-Pour , Salman Sima, Reza Siavoshi, Rahim Shambiyati, Karim Shambiyati, Hamid Shahsia, Masoud Shabafrooz, Darab Shabahang, Mansoureh Shojai, Hassan Shariatmadari, Abbas Shirazi, Farah Shilandari, Mohammad Sadeghi, Koroush Sehati,  Ali Sadr Haj-seyed Javadi, Bijan Safsari, Siavash Safavi,Ramin Safizaheh, Hassan Talebi, Esfandiyar Tabari, Roya Toloui, Meysam Tahmasebi, Shohreh Assemi, Mazdak Abdipour, Roya Araghi, Mehdi Arabshahi, Yousef Azizi Banitaraf, Khosrwo Allaf Akbari, Kazem Alamdari, Hossein Alavi, Mehrnoush Ali-aghai, Masih Alinejad, Hossein Alizadeh, Pouya Gholamrezai, Sepideh Farsi, Bagher Fatemi, Amir Hossein Fotoohi, Azar Fakhr, Pouyan Fakhrai, Tayaz Fakhri, Kheyrollah Farahi, Mansour Farhang, Vida Farhoodi, Rouzbeh Forouzan, Keyvan Forouzan, Kambiz Forouhar, Shahla Farid, Dokhi Fassihian, Shervin Fekri, Firouzeh Foladi, Shahab Feyzi, Iran Ghaderi, Amir Ghassemi, Akhtar Ghassemi, Aida Ghajr, Reza Ghoreyshi, Mehdi Gholizadeh Aghdam, Farzad Ghanbari, Mehrangiz Kar, Monir Kashef, Hojat Kasraian, Kianoush Kalantar, Amir Kleyni, Alireza Kiani, Taghi Kimyai Assadi, Amir Hossein Ganjbakhsh, Hassan Massali, Hamid mafi, Parvin Malek, Reza Mobayen, Dariush Majlesi,hamid Mohebi, Majid Mohammadi, Rahim Mohammadi, Farshad Mohammadi, Amir Hossein Mohammadi, Pouyan Mahmoudian, Parviz Mokhtari, Ahmad Medadi, Fariba Marzban, Mostafa Morid, Ali Mostashari, Torab Mostoofi, Vida Mashayekhi, Nariman Mostafavi, Fouad Mozafari, Mansour Moadel, Abbas Maroufi, Amir Memarian, Hassan Makarami, Elham Malekpour, Roya Maleki, Ashkan Monfared, Ali Mohtadi, Mohammad Mehdian, Behnaz Mehrani, Bahzad Mehrani, Seyed Davood Mousavi, Mohsen Mousavi, Ziba Mir Hosseini, Ahmad Mir Fakhrai, Mehran Mir Fakhrai, Arsan Nazerian, hassan Nayeb Hashem, Youhana Najdi, Roja Najafi, Pari Neshat, Borghan Nezami Narajabad, Ali Nazari, Shervin Nekoii, Morteza Negahi, Shiva Nojo, Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Parto Nooriala, Kamran Nozad, Farzin Vahdat , Nader Hashemi, Mohammad Hedayati, Reza Hiwa, Sajad Veys Moradi,  Sepideh Yousefzadeh, Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari,

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