December 10, 2011

Mr. Boroujerdi transferred to Moddaress hospital in shackles

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that Kazemeini-Boroujerdi was taken to Moddaress hospital by security guards on Wednesday, December 7th. Mr. Boroujerdi who has been ill and whose condition has been declining was transferred to the hospital in shackles, in order to conduct tests to further diagnose his condition. He was not however allowed to receive any treatment and following the tests, he was returned to prison and back to his cell. 

According to witnesses, as a result of the shackles on Mr. Boroujerdi’s hands and legs, he fell to the ground and was injured while getting out of the ambulance to enter the hospital. 

Mr. Boroujerdi is now serving his sixth year, out of an eleven year sentence and is suffering from various illnesses, such as coronary and pulmonary problems, Parkinson’s disease, renal stones and retinal tearing in his eyes.

He was transferred to the hospital for tests, following a statement from Human Rights Watch which expressed grave concerned for his condition.

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