February 06, 2012

A Message from Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi in the 33rd Anniversary of the Establishment of Religious Dictatorship in Iran

Now we have reached the date of the anniversary of the establishment of the dictatorship government which claims to abide by religious faith, but in actuality, we have observed religious concepts and values being destroyed.Thirty two years ago, they utilized false claims, hypocrisy and deceit to encourage the sincere and religious people to revolt. In addition, they gave promises and convictions to the people regarding the possibility of Iranians living in a blissful, Utopian society and by doing so; they caused the annihilation of the previous Iranian monarchy. Furthermore, they also impaired the overall peace of the entire nation and unlawfully took away the harmony and trust of all of the spiritual, good-natured people that believe in a wide variety of creeds and faith’s.
The impact of this repressive form of government has been the erasure of hope, happiness, and trust among the Iranian people. The religion of Islam, which has always been guiltless, has now been tainted by the forces of this dictatorship.  God that is meant to instill overflowing love in its children has unfortunately become summoned to send violent and unethical commandments. According to governmental news sources, the poverty line has now reached two million Iranian Rials, although the reality of the matter is that there are millions of underemployed citizens. And among those that are employed, the majority does not make more than around 500,000 Iranian Rials for their salaries.

What are the implications and consequences of this form of government?

Who is responsible for the extreme poverty at the hands of the Iranian people?

Who has plundered the people’s properties and national resources? Why are most of our people deprived, sick, pensive, destitute, and miserable as a consequence of these past few decades? What are the whereabouts of our national assets? Who is responsible for the plundering of the national resources of this God-forsaken country?

Iran is the wealthiest country in the world, but why are Iranian youth so drawn to drug addictions, immorality, and the forfeiting of educational pursuits? What is the answer of governmental authorities regarding the detrimental circumstances concerning collapsed families? This revolutionary governmental system cannot even solve the traffic problems in its central city, yet why is it so heavily involved in the affairs of other countries such as Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, and Lebanon? According to the Ministry of Health, the air pollution in Tehran has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of lives every day. All of these shameful acts that have been tormenting the lives of the Iranian people cannot be concealed through false governmental propaganda through any media outlet. The cost of military and national security investments of the Velayat-e-Faqih regime in neighboring countries is funded by revenues earned from petroleum, gas, taxes, insurances, driving penalties, charities, and the confiscation of the properties and earnings of those individuals who speak out against the government. Are these actions just?

At the commencement of this revolutionary government, the founder made promises asserting that the livelihood of the entirety of the Iranian nation would be happier and more advantageous than the past. However, would it be safe to deem that the current troubled state of the Iranian people has been caused by the immoral, sideways actions of these revolutionaries? Were their promises fulfilled? I am writing this appeal from the Evin prison in a state of unutterable torture, and grant this letter to all of humanity to signify that my complete livelihood is within the walls of this prison in which I am a captive. More specifically, I am imprisoned in a ward of clergies which is beside the ward of Sepah as well as the quarantined section. Meanwhile, the government has continued to build more prisons for a wide variety of different captives. By and large, the cruelty and villainy of the Velayet-e-Faqih government is increasing unlimitedly to a point in which it is simply implausible to understand.

As a tortured and crushed leader, I am appealing to the world authority figures, organizations, and laypeople to support and stand behind the noble people of Iran.

Evin Prison, Tehran, February 2012

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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