February 10, 2012

A Message from Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi from Evin Prison in the Beginning of the New Election Process for the Parliament of the Iranian government

I am venerating God, who has never sent any religion with a desire to cause torture, pain, and repression to his people.
From this dreadful prison, I send greetings to my dearest country which has been substantially plundered.
As a religious leader who has been imprisoned for thousands of days within a place of torture and violence characterized by religious dictatorship, in which my wellbeing, youth, and life have been ruined, I send my regards to the oppressed and deprived compatriots who are being tortured by religious dictators.

Once again, an extensive propaganda is being held for the fake and misleading referendum and the deceptive votes will be sent to the poll boxes similar to past elections with the aid of the Guardian Council, which is the governmental organization that has been established for censorship. This will fundamentally prolong the political life of the selfish and disloyal dictators as they will continue to instill their abominable authority in the nation and will plunder the national treasury under the label of lawfulness while deeming that these financial gains are justifiably a part of their own income.
How can these tyrants utilize media claims and misleading, self-sustaining propaganda in order to blot out or blacken the true reality of Iranian contemporary history? Meanwhile, present-day historians have seen the grave consequences that have resulted from the massive power of the monopolists across the country. The entireties of all of these truths that have been both showcased and realized are being revealed to all the people in the world through the work of these intellectuals.
The chosen representatives of the parliament have been brought into power through the domineering influence of Velayat-e-Fagih and through the work of the military and security officials; these chosen executives have been able to carry out their inhumane actions.
Presently, our shattered country continues to be persecuted and consequently the enemies of the Iranian people continue to uphold their influence and power.
In the hope of the obliteration of these oppressors,
Evin Prison, Tehran, January 2012
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Bouroujerdi

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