March 18, 2012

Human Right Meeting Concerning the Case of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi

 This report was presented at the headquarters of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 16th March 2012, by Mrs. Nazanin Ansari, the famous Iranian journalist and Human Right Activist

For the past 28 years Kayhan London  has documented many untold stories . 
One of the most prominent stories we have been following since 2006 has been that of Ayatollah Kazemeiny Boroujerdi.  This man has spent more than 2012 consecutive days, behind bars. Throughout he has been been subjected to the most cruel and inhuman physical and psychological  treatment and torture.
 His crime in the eyes of the regime ruling Iran ? Advocating separation of religion from state in Iran; respect for human rights regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity and political beliefs; peace in the Middle East as well as calling for Iran to abide by all its international obligations.
Highlighting his courage and stamina as well as the principles and values he has continuously upheld,  a group of internationally renowned and respected scholars and politicians have nominated him to receive the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. 
 In his latest Iran report released on March 7,  former Maldives foreign minister Ahmed Shaheed, who currently serves as UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for Iran, highlights the case of " Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemyani Boroujerdi, who remains in prison for his political opinions. Mr Shaheed writes, "Recent reports allege that Mr Boroujerdi‟s health has continued to deteriorate and that he has insufficient access to medical treatment. In November 2011, his cellmate reportedly made an attempt on his life, an attack allegedly orchestrated by authorities; reports maintain that Mr Boroujerdi remains in danger. The Special Rapporteur reiterates his call for urgent adequate medical access for Mr Boroujerdi and for his immediate release."
Within a day of the publication of Mr Shaheed's report, Mr Boroujerdi fell ill in jail. His followers maintain that his physical symptoms point to poisoning. They suspect that his food was poisoned by is two cellmates, who have since been given furlough.  Despite suffering from internal bleeding, he has not received medical attention. This is the second time in recent months that he has been attacked physically. In 2006, his mother who was arrested alongside him and his other supporters suffered a similar poisoning.  She passed away within a few months of taking ill.  
Currently Mr Kazemeini Boroujerdi's family are under constant surveillance by the regime in Iran. Their phone calls are monitored and their homes continuously filmed by the Intelligence Ministry and other security services. His supporters around Iran are subjected to continuous harassment and arrests.  Their emails and telephones are monitored non-stop. Indeed they continually receive threatening telephone calls from the  Intelligence Ministry and are summoned and interrogated at the Special Court of Clergy located in Zaferanieh. For the sake of their families' safety they refrain from publicising news of their treatment.  A number of them have had no other choice but to seek refuge outside Iran
To date not one responsible state official has issued any written report or statement explaining the legal case against Kazemeini Boroujerdi and justifying his inhumane treatment.  Inside Iran, audiences have been subjected to total news blackout regarding his situation. 
 Ayatollah Khamenei, as Supreme Leader and Head of the Special Court of Clergy, has moral, judicial and constitutional duty to provide a written explanation or set him free. 
 I'll end this presentation with his own words  Last August Mr Kazemeini Boroujerdi wrote an open letter from Evin Prison.
"To the Esteemed Members of the Community of International Human Rights Lawyers,
Please accept the sincere greetings of this humble secular minded prisoner of conscience.
As you are aware, prisoners of conscience in Iran are continuously ...prosecuted unfairly without access to due legal representation and away from the scrutiny of independent media.  To make matters worse official state news agencies and outlet subject them to character assassination.  Is it a wonder that they are swiftly indicted? ....These defenceless prisoners are tortured physically and psychologically, at worst in solitary confinement by state agents tasked with extracting false confessions.  It is therefore no wonder that they fall prey to a variety of acute and chronic diseases, which irreparably damages their health and attacks their physical immunity....
Once again I appeal to the esteemed members of the international community and international human rights lawyers:
Heed our predicament; publiclydisclose our deprivation from internationally recognised standards of humanrights; and, disseminate the extent of our distress and torture.
 At a time when news of our fate is subjected to widespread blackout inside the country, we appeal to you, the independent and free international media as well as the leading independent and free international judicial institutions, particularly the UN:
Do not abandon us.  We remain at your mercy. "

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