March 17, 2012

Boroujerdi's message on the eve of Nowrouz, Persian New Year

How I can congratulate the beginning of the spring, while the humans is in bad condition similar to the autumn and the end of life. Isn’t “Nowruz” meaning the New Day? How we can imagine that the days will become new and fresh, whereas all days are so bad without any positive change or refreshment and the current calendar is full of problems, pains and tragedies?
Can we celebrate the New Year with poverty and sadness? Whereas based on the official reports issued by authorities, the current poverty line in Iran is about 15 million Iranian Riels and the absolute poverty line is about 5.7 million Iranian Riels and the majorities of people are living by revenues below this line, is there any reason for happiness and joy?
Based on constitution of Iran, the treatment shall be free for all people, but now this is the biggest problem of majority of poor and wretch people who their darling is going to death gradually and the high prices of medicines and treatments have subjected them in many intolerable pressures. Are the rates of unemployment, drug addiction, divorce, suicide, robbery and widely fraud which are declared by governmental authorities true? Everybody knows that those numbers are actually higher while even many of members of parliament and also governmental religious authorities have objected to falseness of the broadcast numbers.
Indeed we are worry about the destiny and future of our innocent young people who are unmotivated. Where are going the groups of girls or boys who see the future as an absolute darkness and are averse to education, morality and religious beliefs. Shamefully, the kind God is accused to oppression and the historical monotheism beliefs are disappearing because all crimes, cruelties and disloyalties have done by the government with the fame of religion.
The religious authorities are busy for their non-applicable and old discussions and the governmental leaders are busy in common activities for their political parties and campaign against each other.
Today the voice of oppressed people who are crying could be heard and this voice is mixed by voice of sad spring which withers the flowers and disappear the lovely buds. Should we cry or laugh after renewing these years?
Nevertheless I respect you from the Evin prison which is similar to a cemetery and my ward which is similar to a painful grave.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
5 March 2012

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