February 04, 2015

Disavow of the Religious Revolution in Iran

The content of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi's letter regarding the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Political Religion is an incurable pain which in every age strikes like a cancerous tumor damaging Monotheism and places the faithful people in an embarrassing situation. The materialistic religion has always sought to exploit the optimistic believers under the hegemony of religion and spirituality, seeking the illegitimate domination of unjust targets. The human history has revealed the violence of religion, placing the creator in the seat of accusation and they have developed their materialistic and carnal greed.

In the past, there was much bloodshed in the name of God the Merciful, which cast shame on the  spiritual beliefs of humanity. The obscenity of intermingling of religious beliefs in the scope of politics can be easily seen in the organizations of extremist groups associated with elements of pressure; and one can discover the secrets of the theologians that have been banned from entry into a political sphere. Under the banner of Islam, the authoritarian governments, on the path of rivalry and avarice have restricted the life of their people and of nations around the world, to the point that disasters and corruption have led to the withdrawal of the religious from the monotheistic principles. The Ottoman Empire which followed religious laws and was dominating other countries, also provided the grounds for an intellectual transmutation, and after its collapse, it inflicted a was a heavy blow on Islam; with the emergence and formation of the armies of Jihadists and suicide bombers, the individual and social freedoms were destroyed, and they denigrated the heavenly apostles. The creation of religious-oriented regimes establishes hard core dictatorships which are the heralds of more dangerous harm and damage than any other authoritarian regime in the world.
Now, the mirror of the oppressive governments which have penetrated everywhere, and are the leading phenomenon for all the so called religious activists in different countries, are represented by Iran's governing body, which since thirty-five years has used the resources of prophethood and guardianship, and turned our homeland has into ruins, and has become a center for addiction and poverty, disease, depression, and premature death. It is totally ridiculous and that our infamous and intoxicating leaders pretend to defend women and children of Gaza and spend the assets of our oppressed country for Hamas, Hezbollah, and Assad’s missiles and UAVs, while the owners of the looted public funds, due to extreme distress and poverty, face suicide, divorce and the sale of organs.
Where are the patriots, peacemakers and justice seekers who should come to the rescue of our helpless and stricken people? In every country people are able to go the streets in order to demonstrate and to present their protests to the officials and statesmen. We even see that the black citizens in America have the right to protest to their government.; but in this estranged land, where people suffer from suppression and repression of the religious authority, the assembly of more than four people is prohibited, and any kind of protest leads to confinement in solitary cells in the ward 209 of the Evin prison, where the guards of the prison strap, and smother them, and cut their limbs and tongues.
You Iranians who have immigrated please help us.
Those who have a conscience, please send our voice to the rest of the world.
 You noble please cry for us.

 The owners of the media please propagate our news.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
September 2014
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran 

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