February 08, 2016

A Letter to Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill: Regarding Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi

Your Holiness, Pope Francis
Your Holiness, Patriarch Kirill
Presently, with the upcoming meeting of your holinesses in Cuba, the necessity for the achievement of global justice, peace and stability, can be felt more than ever at this stage of the history of mankind.
As you are well aware, due to the widespread sectarian and religious wars, we are witnessing the death of thousands of men, women, and children every day. The unbalanced growth of the economy in different countries, famine and disastrous environmental phenomenon, has produced numerous catastrophes, such as hunger and poverty for more than half of the population of the earth. Reaching safe shores and achieving comfort for the discouraged and weary people, in particular the residents of poor and war stricken countries, has become like a dream. Thousands of people have fled to European countries in order to seek food and to save their lives - a voyage which is an endless one for many of them, during which they can face torture, rape and death; and the refugee situation which has recently turned into a crisis, has generated serious problems for European countries. Furthermore, it is needless to say that the depiction of a perspective promising peace, friendship, and security, without the balancing and moderation of religious extremists and hardliners is unattainable and difficult. In this regard, the question of cooperation and unity of various religious leaders in the world, based on mutual respect, and the establishment of a form of dialogue and peaceful co-existence is absolutely essential and vital; and of course the cooperation of the intellectual and peace seeking Muslim leaders seems more indispensable due to the nature of this religion which provides for the possibility of making violent interpretations of its texts. These kinds of leaders, can try to facilitate this important matter through their collaboration towards achieving a world far from religious conflicts and violence, and illogical massacres by using their influence among different religious classes or groups.
We are writing to you on behalf of the imprisoned cleric, Mr. Seyed Hussein Kazemeneini Boroujerdi, a popular and peace seeking, and intellectual religious leader, who due to launching of such a campaign and his support for the freedom of religions, freedom of thought and expression, interfaith peace and his support for the International Human Rights Charter, has been arrested and imprisoned numerous times by the Iranian regime, and during the last occurrence in 2006, he was violently attacked, arrested and tortured and imprisoned, together with his family members and hundreds of his supporters, and is living in the Iranian prisons since almost ten years now.
Since over two decades now, this intellectual religious leader, has been making efforts in view of establishing peace and friendship between followers of various religions, and in particular with regards to the moderation of religious extremists and in negation of religious based violence. During sessions of prayers and veneration of God at the sports stadium, he was able to gather thousands of love and friendship seeking people from different religions, and the accomplishments through his efforts in view of educating a moderate and non-violent society in Iran, have been rather notable and significant; people who placed liberalism, engagement in the path of world peace and friendship, and helping their fellowmen, regardless of their ideologies and religion as the ultimate form of worship. However, due to the atmosphere of terror and suffocation in Iran, he was imprisoned many times and his books were confiscated, and he was subjected to news and media boycott, and his personality has been terrorized. Even though the oppressing regime has created great obstacles on his way, but he has not surrendered and continues his campaign from inside the prison. With his moral support and guidance, we have established an institution in the United States, and are carrying out activities based on his slogans for co-existence and peace in view of implementing his plans for God seeking and establishment of peace among the followers of religions in all societies.
Your Holinesses, we would like to emphasize once again that the existence of such courageous and hard-working people along your side, and other open minded religious leaders, can be very useful and effective. We are imploring and asking you to please bring his voice of peace and empathy to your followers and use the great credibility that you enjoy in different countries, and the impact of your words and the popularity that you have among people in the world, for taking actions towards his freedom, so that you may see how such a human being can serve as a positive resource and in collaboration and congruence with the objectives of Your Excellency.

With thanks and special expression of respect of the representing delegation
Representatives of Mr. Boroujerdi,

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