August 19, 2017

19 August, World Humanitarian Day

Human being is the strangest creature in this world.
Mankind is loveable, so if the immoralities and evil beliefs would not prevailed over him and never dominated his minds, then Mankind will be the supreme creature. However, by development of manmade civilizations which was basically aimed to serve the mankind, everything turned upside down and the human beings without any option became as the captives of technology and science to serve. Hence the destinies of mankind are the disasters what we have observed such as poverty, pains, sorrows, addiction, enmities, divorced families, suspicion and mistrust.
So today is called the “Humanitarian day”, so that the mankind will know his values and recognize his divine worth.

Now the mankind and his right are important, because he can live just by exercising these rights. However, he is deprived and his society is bipolarized to the extent that the world has been divided based on upper level and lower level human beings. Even the divine religions and monotheistic faiths have not succeeded to fulfill what they have promised to mankind. Because mankind failed to live in peace under the divine ideologies.
Nowadays the human beings are observing formation of many associations of animal defenders, but no one is defending oppressed and vulnerable people. One of the main causes of collapsed humanity, and why mankind failed to enjoy his innate proud, is invasions from his fellow men. Currently, there is not any value for kindness, glory and conscience, so nobody pay attention to the defenceless ones who are crying and moaning. That is the root of such statistics of hunger and suffered people which are being addressed to the world society.
Hope to promote philanthropy and kindness between human beings.

Representatives of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi 

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