September 21, 2017

One Day Silence for Peace!

We seem to be moving away from the concept of peace every year, but once again, the International Day of Peace will happen on September 21st. Ancient and contemporary history indicate that the humanity has always been involved in wars and violence. Thirty-five years ago, based on a resolution by the United Nations, it was decided that all wars and conflicts would be subject to a cease-fire, weapons would be laid down, and violence would be stopped on 21 September.
Peace is more essential than drinking water; peace means rest, tranquility, comfort, so human beings require peace. People are even willing to leave their beloved homeland, and reach a safe place where there is no war, conflict, or insecurity. Yet, where can security and peace be found on this planet? 

In many parts of the world, war continues, and citizens are subjected to violence and injustice. Prison, flogging, and medieval types of torture are carried out in many countries, including Iran. Many countries in Asia, Africa, and South America are on the list of critical or high-risk areas, and every day the number continues to rise. In many countries, extensive poverty, corruption, and crimes increase. The victims of poverty from these afflicted countries are drawn to the safer European countries, but they also threaten the security of the citizens of these countries. Women and children are not immune from domestic and community violence, and regularly, the terrible news of rape and violence against them spreads across the world. Indeed, by even looking at this kind of news, peace is diminishing, so actually the world without peace is a cemetery!  Graveyards that bury all humanity’s hopes, aspirations, and dreams!
On this day, we will recall again that all kinds of cruelty and violence will destroy peace: 
Today, the violence and our incompatibility with nature has contributed to the present wrath of nature. In areas of the world, we are witnessing natural disasters and accidents which result from humanity’s brutal abuse on nature.  The earth, today is the only habitation for humanity, and is no longer capable of providing for all of humanity’s needs. In the relationship between peoples’ misunderstanding and suspicion are like sparks that destroy peace, and lead to anxiety, and loss of friendships. Peace does not exist in a society dominated by egotism and selfishness. Peace is strengthened by people’s good conscience, and their conscience is promoted with spiritual teachings.
Religion was originally intended to be the bridge between people and virtues, in order to reach a collective human guidance protect the society from evil, but "religion", to our great sorrow, is often a chaotic factor itself, and in no way capable of managing the crisis. In fact, today's “religion” contributes to the crisis itself.  How can we expect peace while religious law introduces aggressive and jihadist judiciary, and proscribed religious texts authorize attacking and storming others under the pretext of a difference of beliefs?
Erroneous religious education confirms radicals’ beliefs, and encourages violent activists. Suicide attacks and martyrdom operations, under the guise of religious rituals, jeopardize global security, neutralizing all the efforts of the peace-keepers, and presents the ugly image of a false “spirituality” to the world.

The International Day of Peace is a good time for all nations to declare a ceasefire. In the shadow of this silence people are able to think for a moment that there is still little opportunity left for both citizens and their governments across the world to make it their real priority to eliminate violence in absolute terms, and establish peace in its true sense.

Group of Representatives of Monotheistic Teacher, Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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