September 28, 2017

28 September, International Day for Universal Access to Information

I want to know! What I have to know? Why? What is the aim?
Knowledge exposes the ignorance; the ignorance results in collapse of humanity. The rulers of the human societies were mostly ignorant people during the history and were disregarding the realities and notifications. To seek the reality, it is necessary to pay attention and follow the emotional and visual truth. In searching the reality, it is required to have a safe and perfect sight, which is practically impossible.  

The world societies should know what the esteem of human beings is, the inhabitants of this planet need to discover the environmental knowledge perfectly, and the mankind must know a lot of things concerning their mother planet, but what we know? What we realize about our fellowmen? What we know about the underground resources? What about the dangers threatening our planet? So we must know, it is our natural and vital right to know!
So requirement for knowledge highlights the role of teachers and enhances the responsibility of researchers, it also make the job of reporters and journalists more difficult. So we need to seek for comprehension. We have to discover the secrets of universe and creation to have an ideal life. These unknown secrets involve us to look for realities and these hidden facts have formed the varieties of sciences and technologies which are still undiscovered for mankind. When the medical science is not able to treat unknown and Incurable diseases, it is actually a deadlock in knowledge. When the mankind fails to save the solidarity, this is the failure for the entire society. When the addiction, divorce, unemployment, poverty and battles are dominant, this is a sign showing that the human beings must be thirsty to know more. Even the religions are unknown, the religious followers are not aware about the reality of devoutness. The religions with a lot of principles and branches are not able to answer variety of different questions of their followers.
So let’s move to know more to save the history of being recorded inversely.

Representatives of Monotheistic Teacher, Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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