October 16, 2017

Parts of our Spiritual Father, Mr. Boroujerdi’s Speech, Regarding 16 October, the World Food Day

The food is a basic requirement for mankind and hunger is a plague for human life. Usually when someone is so called “Hungry”, it means they have no minimum food necessary for a human being. Traditionally, having no access to bread is a symbol of hunger, even it is an idiom that “Bread is the staff of life”, means it saves human life from hunger.
However, nowadays the statistics are showing that the majority of world inhabitant is hungry; it means they have no food for their nutrition. As I had mentioned once during my teaching from the prison, the deputy of one of the Iranian ministries declared that thirty percent of the Iranian citizens even have no bread for their nutrition, so actually they are suffering from hunger. While this statistics has been formally reported in one of the richest countries in Middle East based on natural and human resources, so what situation is expected to be reported from poor countries? Indeed, the statistics for the most of countries without oil, gas and mineral resources should be a disaster.

The main cause of hunger is clearly lack of justice. Based on the research and studies, the widespread hunger in the world is not due to shortage in food resources, but is from unfair distribution of the resources. The people from each race, color and nationality are actually the children of the Earth, the mother planet. So the earth wants to nourish the kids, but since there is no justice, she cannot.
Justice means equal distribution, means fighting against discrimination. All such issues are connected to each other same as a chain; there is no food, because there is no justice; there is hunger, because there is no conscience …
Struggling against Hunger is actually to fight against injustice and discrimination, so indeed it is a battle against selfishness and violating of public rights.

16 October 2017

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