November 11, 2017

A Message from Hossein Boroujerdi for Peace Conference

I have established a new teaching and area of research highlighted as “Explorer of Monotheism without Border” among a lot of different courses and varieties of educating classes during the era of development of science and wisdom.
Because primarily I investigated the concept of Monotheism which means to recognize the unique and great Lord, I saw a lot of questions have been remained without answers, I looked at the contexts of religious holy books and the stories of Prophets and their achievements, their followers, during the history. I found a lot of incompatibilities. I understood that there should be a problem in the current Monotheism.
So, I researched the whole thousands years history of Monotheism from the era of Adam until the era of Mohammed.  I started to define and refine the whole concepts, to deconstruct and to debunker the concepts which have been accepted so far. I decrypted the Monotheism to discover who is God, the absolute sovereign.
Probably some will say we are not interested in God, we are busy and interested in economy, politics, security …
My answer is yes! You are right! The Lord who has been introduced by religions and faiths is not interesting! When you look to that Lord, you will say there are a lot of requirements in human societies which supposed to be fulfilled by him, but are not so yet! You will say how we can believe in God; do we need to accept or never accept this God? What will happen if we refuse? Will a big disaster happen?
But when we understand that rational and practical commitment to the creator will result in Justice and peace and support the conscience, improve the relationships between mankind, conciliate the hearts and stop the rulers to violate their citizens’ rights, then we realize that God is not what the religions have introduced and what religious laws have proposed.There are lots of people who never believe to any faith even God, they never consider Monotheism even as the last priority in their life. That is why I mean God is the principle of our life, because life without justice, peace, moral supremeness, nobility, humanity, equality, security, freedom, independence and……is nothing.
The world without such values will be like a graveyard.
Now, as I want to move forward from hypothesis to practice, I see that there is not real civilization anywhere, in Western countries, Eastern countries, US, Europe, Russia, and China. Nowhere is civilization existing, I mean civilization which is opposite of wildness, what wildness means? Wildness means struggling for survival, means everyone who has more power, they he or she has more independency, more dominance, more interests. The current civilization could not save the human beings, if it could, there would no any unemployment, poverty, hunger, illness, concern and exile in the world. The huge numbers of such catastrophes are approved even by United Nations’ statistics.
If civilization could assist the human beings, there would be not such high numbers for addictions, divorce, rubbery, murder and terror. Is the civilization just like a painting on the wall or it should be a culture characterized for the human beings? No, definitely it is not a culture! We cannot ignore or disregard this reality, because during current era of information and communication, world daily news is showing the truth.
We want a world in which the strong never oppress the weak, rich use his wealth, but assist the poor based on his conscience, physician get his fee but assist the ones who have no money to pay. Science will be available and accessible for everyone, the poor kid who is capable and loves to study, can continue to learn. The natural and underground resources will be spent for the nations as their owners, this is what we are looking for.I don’t want to get political position or rule on the nation or to ask people to vote me in political elections. Not at all! But I as a peacemaker am suffering to see the people are suffered, upset, poor, disable, sick, especially the ones who do not have money for their treatment, or to see the statistics regarding such troubles. I like a world without any threat.
Currently the residents of this planet cannot sleep well due to being afraid of nuclear wars. Because every day that country is threatening the world to use nuclear missiles. This is against the divine civilization, this is actually perfect wildness, same as roaring the wild animals in the jungle, the world should be free of any threat such as missiles, nuclear missiles, weapons, warm or cold weapons, whatever is that.
The mankind should be never worried of poverty, unemployment, family problems such as parents worrying about their kid’s escape from house or kids being worried about battles between father and mother.
The science must be accessible for everyone, should be out of control by political powers.
Why the statistics of immedicable diseases are so high which when we hear, will become surprised? Because the ones who are responsible for medical and clinical affairs, are busy in non-technical issues. Politicians who are assigned to improve their policies, make peace for their people, plan and direct their country, being kind with citizens, are becoming a threat for their people.
I need a world without chaos, to the extent that for example one beautiful lady with a lot of jewels, can leave her house even in the midnight without any risk of assault or rubbery. I want a world without addiction, not the world with such global statistics of death due to abusing drags. A world without street kids, the ones whose parents have divorced and are in the risk of becoming criminals or terrorist or smuggler or suffering from sexual diseases.

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