November 18, 2017

Mr. Boroujerdi’s Condolence Message to Survivors of Recent Earthquake in West Iran and Middle East

This earthquake, either naturally caused or by human beings, is unfortunate and everybody should help the survivals.

After extending my deepest respects to those who have lost their beloved ones and their properties in this natural disaster, I hereby am requesting for practical and intellectual sympathy and support from the global community.
Humans have always been, and will always be, under threat from these kinds of disasters. These will probably increase in the coming years. Underground resources are being emptied at a fast rate and scientists have suggested that exploitation of these resources could disrupt the Earth and its crust. Because according to them, most of the underground resources were actually saving the earth structures and preventing fault movements.
It is suspected that these events could be not natural but that evil-spirited humans can make disasters like this happen through misuse of technological and scientific advances as for example according to some reports, one particular country was capable of drowning many others by throwing a bomb in the ocean.
If these disasters are natural, we all should help the victims and affected people; and if they are man-made, conscience should wake up in humans and they should be merciful towards the 7 billion innocent people.
In such natural disasters, conscience calls on everyone, fairness invites all human beings. Basically the Real Monotheism we believe in, obliges us to traverse the boundaries set by different beliefs, thought differences, and geography and regional borders and move to help the damaged people and not to abstain from assisting anybody.

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