November 24, 2017

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Mr. Boroujerdi’s Message on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November 2017

The term “Violence against Women” is consisted of two parts, “Violence” and “Women”.
Basically violence itself is heinous, criticized and rejectable. Violence is in contrary to the logic. When someone has no word to say in support of their opinions or has no reason to prove their ideas, then they will begin to struggle or to annoy others.
Violence is any shape or form is actually a brutal and inhuman action. Indeed the civilization has come to push brutality to the limit. Violence in terminology is similar to wildness. It means the horror comes following violence. Wildness means rule of horror, so violence is actually rule of wildness and horror on mankind and his life.

We have to note that we are human beings, so there should be differences between human and animals. If human beings treat each other based on power same to animals and the more powerful annoys other people, so the civilization will come to end! What is the sign of civilization substantially? Does it mean owning the latest model of a luxury car? Is it wearing the stylish clothes? Or living in luxurious houses? Are these values the signs of civilizations? Basically civilization means the stage of human development which moves the human beings towards progress and best. So for example, what is the benefit of a luxurious car while a wild animal is driving that? Or what about a table full of tasty and nice foods when the owner is acting brutally?
So civilization has come and brings about modernity, decorative style and welfare to assist human to become gentle and save his original human identity. So violence is quite evil especially with the fame of religion. Actually religious violence is the most shameful form of violence. Although I was promoting and supporting Islam for thirty five years and my ancestors were the grand scientists in Shiite sect of Islam and leaders of all Muslims during the history, I am also ashamed because I see violence with the fame of religion. I see innocent people are suffering and have become victims of extensive and organized violence. Actually, I was one of these suffered people since I was suffering of brutality and cruelty committed by religious rulers in Iran while I was jailed and tortured in prisons for eleven years. It never minds whether the religious violence are committed by Shiite or Sunni groups, are called Taliban or ISIS or other groups who are annoying people with the fame of Imams.

The other important issue in “Violence against Women” refers to the high rank of women. I believe that so far the rights of women have never regarded based on justice. Although we are in 2017, but still the rank of women must be higher than what is regarded for them even in progressive societies and even in Western countries. 
Basically no one can grant the real rank of women to them, because the one who is going to grant, should has higher level. So although God has granted the high rank to women, but the religions and faiths have humiliated the women and degraded them. As a result, the women have become the second sex in all religions!
Even looking to Western civilization, although the rank of women is increased during recent decades, but they are not still in the appropriate social position. For example, how many women have become president in Western countries? How many women are ministers or members of parliament, congress, political councils?
So still there are many weaknesses and even the activists who are defending women’s rights are not acting properly.
In conclusion, I condemn violence against the women in each shape and form or under the name of each religion or ideology, so this is not acceptable based on our beliefs.

Hossein Boroujerdi, “Explorer of Monotheism without Border”

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