November 15, 2017

Rulers Must Treat Their People with Tolerance

A message from Mr. Boroujerdi on 16 November, International Day for Tolerance
During 28th session of UNESCO in Paris on 16 November 1995, the declaration for the principles of Tolerance had been passed. The members of UNESCO approved that tolerance is a prerequisite for global peace and they mentioned that development of international understanding and tolerance is a must for human societies. So the day of 16 November had been declared as the International Day for Tolerance. The freedom of thought as a main principle of UN declaration of human right was again highlighted and it was affirmed that terrorism and violence, Racism and Racial Discrimination, Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment which all are originated from intolerance, will be serious threats for development of peace and democracy in the world.
Tolerance and understanding means that all human beings with all diversities in race, color, citizenship, language and beliefs are rightful to live in peace and freedom. So no one is authorized to impose his viewpoints on others.
Regarding the importance of this principle and the efforts for promotion of tolerance and understanding committed by Mr. Hossein Boroujerdi, the persistent and strong political prisoner who has spent more than three decades of his life for peace and freedom, his message on 16 November, International Day for Tolerance is presented as below:

Patience is a main aspect of tolerance, it is recommended by many religions and faiths, the peacemakers and even medical doctors.  Patience must be in all aspects of life as tolerance will result in peace and security for everyone. Human beings can improve dialogue and communications with having tolerance. But when the patience ends, the logic will be disappeared and wisdom, good judgment and dialogue will be stopped.
It is possible to resolve the disputes by tolerance and understanding. Unfortunately the world powers has created the destructive wars throughout the history due to lack of patience and tolerance, so it is feared that the nuclear wars will be started due to impatience and intolerance.
The rulers must treat their people with tolerance, the people need freedom of speech and thought and right to criticize.
Based on the religious contexts, it is recommended to the religious followers and leaders that they have to be tolerant in accomplishing religious rules and tasks and consider the situations and conditions.
Due to lack of tolerance and understanding, the mankind will face a lot of catastrophes, for example if a poor is patient, he or she just will feel the poverty, but with impatience, he or she will suffer from physical and psychological problems as well.
As the physicians are advising the sick people to be patient until end of medical treatment, everybody should be patient till the bad days will end up, so that the better days are expected to come, because the mankind is always hopeful for best days with no troubles and misfortunes.
I recommend patience in all aspects of life, especially to the owners of power, wealth and media who are controlling this triangle of power, wealth and politics to rule of others. Their impatience and intolerance will create crisis for the human societies. The rulers’ tolerance basically will result in peace and stability for all people.

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