October 31, 2018

Message of Boroujerdi, The founder of Monotheism without Borders, to 2018 Annual International Conference On Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Differences in opinions on a wide range of issues is completely natural in the world.  "Difference of opinion" means different views and perspectives, which is common among people around the world because individuals are created with different propensity, attitude, and beliefs; they cannot be equal in terms of thought, orientation, and /or coexistence. Therefore, the racial and religious dissensions are unavoidable. Whereas tribalism is resulted in a kind of racism, patriotism is due to infelt zealotry. Indeed, the stability of a nation in terms of independence and self-sufficiency is depending on their special homeland or thoughts and culture, so peace is a must. Peace is the best solution to overcome the differences because such disagreement always starts with dialogue and discussions, which is followed by arguments using different terminology. Then it tends to harsh propaganda and finally results in fighting and violent battles.

Hence the solution is to modify, I mean modification and reform of ethnic affairs and religions to resolve the conflicts, which is basically considered as the name of this conference: “International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peace-building”. This includes the entire population of the world, who are dealing with such conflicts due to being dependent to a homeland with limited borders, a religion or both.
One of the advantages of peace is to prevent starvation, massacre, blood clashes and destruction. So we can say that peace should be established based on two pillars, ethnic and religion. For that, it is necessary to control and avoid intemperance and extremism. For example, the one who is hardly defending his homeland, country or region, should avoid fanaticism, which leads to clashes, destruction and casualties from both sides.
Composure is very important, so a reformist and peacemaker should invite society to composure and to avoid prejudice or any misjudgment against others. It is also applied to religious followers, so that they should avoid being intolerant in their beliefs. For example, to say what they have received within their religious context is absolutely from God or is compulsory to accomplish as it is, because such viewpoints will result in bigotry or hard defending of the faith, ultimately will tend to clashes such as Jihad in Islam and so on.
When religious followers control themselves in terms of being accountable to keep their beliefs for themselves and not to follow the misleading social movements, then there will not be any reason for conflicts. Because they will understand very well that God, the lord of religions and faith knows better than human beings how to defend the religious values, it is not necessary to fight with others for any monotheistic belief and/ or to divide society to just and unjust.
  To establish the peace, it is very efficient to unify the thoughts of society. I have established a universal movement called “Monotheism without Borders,” which is totally independent of any divine religion, but it guides the human beings to leave the bigotries and get free of all cultural and mental intolerances, so that all stresses and conflicts will disappear. We also say bigotry in terms of our dependencies and interests to our homeland, nation or faith is fine if it would be managed properly.
We mean the management of our understanding that there is a limitation which we have to never overreach. Sometimes there are two optional decisions for people concerning the events, to react harshly and become nervous or to control oneself and calm down. What so far has resulted in global conflicts and developed the weapons of mass destruction, is the wrong decisions. The fanaticism, hard dependency and commitment to any feeling religion or a race have caused suspicions about others, so that so far the military industries has been developed and the catastrophes, such as world war one and two and more recently the middle east wars, have been occurred.
Mostly the causes of such wars or conflicts have been the ethnic matters or uprisings to support the religious beliefs and its legitimacy. So human beings need to be trained and brought up in a new way to accept the reality of others, rather than their own values and facts. When the logic is not considered, power would be replaced so that this has caused disasters, such as demolition of countries, economies and infrastructures or whatever else can be observed in war-torn regions. As a reformist and peacemakers, who have suffered for long years from religious conflicts and disagreements, I announce my request to the conference, the respected members and participants to establish a common global environment for providing convergence, kindness and unification, instead of radicalism and extremism. 
We can create a unique religion between all the current faiths and beliefs because we are all looking for “One God,” our lord! When all the Ranges and boundary lines are destroyed, we will find that we all are “Monotheistic” without a secondary title. Monotheistic means one who seeks for monotheism. We are all born as Monotheists, even then ones who deny any faiths or beliefs, because humans are naturally predisposed to believe in god. Therefore, what is the need to separate Sharia, rituals, or religious traditions, when the consequences of these separations will be arising hostility and disappearing the camaraderie and friendship. 
Similarly, in ethnic issues, we should know that we are all the children of our mother earth, which is not to belong to the place that we were born in, like in Middle East, America, Europe, Africa and so on. Indeed, we belong to the “Earth”. If we expand our homeland to the earth and considering ourselves as a biotype or congener before considering that we are compatriots, the consequence of it would be keeping peace in the world. Then, the violence goes down, and the tension does not expand due to the national and regional affiliation boundaries, which is caused the war and fights for many years.

Boroujerdi, Oct. 2018
Tehran. Iran, Under House Arrest

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